Saturday, June 14, 2014

Welcome to The Thing!

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Hello, people of the internet!

Welcome to The Thing! Just to make this clear straight away: I am talking about the the online magazine for and by young Filipinas—not the 1982 sci-fi film about a shape shifting alien. 

I've had the idea to start a website like this for some time now, but it was only two months ago that I decided to pursue it. I asked a bunch of my friends if they'd be willing to help me out, and they asked their friends, who then asked their friends. It was really heartwarming (and exciting) to see that so many people believed in my idea and wanted to help out.

Our start-up theme is Debut, which covers everything on coming out (in different forms), first appearances, taking a leap of faith (or YOLO-ing), and other stuff of that nature. You'll be seeing a great mix of articles this month. 

As we are in our website's beta stage at the moment, please bear with our layout and features. We'd also really appreciate it if you send us any comments or suggestions (see our contact page for instructions on how to do that and more)!

Thank you once again for visiting the site, and I look forward to hearing what you girls (and guys) have to say!

Everything, Anything, Something, and Nothing. 

Cheers to diversity and being yourself (whatever that means)!

Pip pip cheerio, 


Find out more about us here.


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