Ches Gatpayat is a human being who loves making mixed-media and collage art. She enjoys collecting small things, listening to sad and fuzzy music, making a mess, eating spicy Japanese food, and thinking about everything. You can find her on Twitter (@psychedelicward) and in booksales/local gigs near you.

Katrina Pimentel's biggest life goals include becoming a mermaid, and figuring out how many cupcakes she can eat without gaining weight. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kkotrono.

Mich Cervantes is a 19-year-old Animation student (who doesn't actually want to animate anything). She draws a lot of comics. Her two favorite things are sleep and pizza.

Mia Esguerra is a Psychology major, but she would rather major in the art of making sushi. Aside from writing, she enjoys watching Studio Ghibli films and would one day like to swim with sharks.

Anto Joson is a fashion enthusiast, stage actress and a rookie ‘hallyu wave’ blogger. She attributes much of her sense of style to Korean and London street fashion. Expect more of her from The Thing and her blog,!

Pat Sulit is a 17-year-old muggle in her second year at university. In her spare time, she likes to list down the things she should be doing and not actually doing them. Her hobbies include binge watching TV shows, scrolling through tumblr, and, when left alone at home, dressing in drag and doing the hula.

Vincent Soliven lives for sports. When he watching, writing or talking about these beautiful games, especially basketball and football, he's probably not breathing either.

An avid dreamer, Mika Manikan is a fairly eccentric girl with a penchant for the poignant, who spends her days either contemplating the infinite wonders of the great beyond or what to eat for dinner. A professional shower-singer, she lives in the world of her headphones and watercolor, all while her heart does the foxtrot among the stars. If she were a fruit, she would most probably be a banana.

Isa Araneta is a 17-year-old who should be figuring things out and making them work, but is procrastinating big time by watching Ancient Aliens, drinking caffeinated drinks, and getting lost in her current obsessions.

Reese Lansangan is many things she cannot compromise. She is a visual artist, graphic designer, musician, and fashion student; all rolled into one convenient sushi. is her virtual cave filled with art experiments, songwriting attempts, twenty-something thingamabobs, and a collection of life's flotsam and jetsam.

Nikki Santos-Ocampo is a girl that sometimes feels like a boy, and is also an all-around art enthusiast and a linguist that likes the mysterious sounds words make. She likes wearing round spectacles of any sort, playing with her makeup when she’s bored, and envisioning outfits for various kinds of occasions. She has a style diary here and maintains a twitter that experiences extreme lows and highs of activity. 

Meg Ma. Guerrero is a lover of black clothing, milk, and almost all genres of music (she’s not big on country). The only things she watches on TV are Game of Thrones, Korean channels, MTV, and FashionTV. Pastel hair colors and ear cuffs are a few of the things she wishes to have someday. She has a lost pet turtle named Picasso and a ukulele named Chikito.

Una Ilarde was born in 1995, and is currently residing in the midnight hours of books, music, and movies. She has messy, multicolored hair, and is a cat lady by heart.

Josephine Unas is a 19-year-old college senior to aiming to finish her Communication degree. She lives her life by three Fs: football, food, and fangirling. One day, she dreams of watching Real Madrid and Arsenal at their respective stadiums, and finishing as many ramen bowls as she can in the best ramen joints in the world.

Brontë Lacsamana is a 17-year old college freshman taking a major in Journalism. She holds a natural curiosity for things that science can explain- and an unnatural obsession for things that science can’t. Aside from watching sci-fi and fantasy TV shows and reading historical fiction novels, she loves to research on random topics that catch her attention.

Isa De Vera is 18 years old, currently studying graphic design and illustration. She is known for her erratic sleeping schedule and over usage of exclamation points and smiley faces so she doesn't sound mean on the Internet.

Angela Marie Teng, more commonly known as Amber Teng, is a unicorn enthusiast, Victoria’s Secret model in disguise, pink lover, and salonpas suki. She is totally bubbly, like, all the time, and she has a legit addiction to French fries. Football is her sport, but she’s also tried a handful of other stuff including rugby, cheerleading, and Frisbee.

Rio Cañal is (trying to be) an engineer-in-training, an athlete and a singer, with her love for science, sports, and music in that order. She's also (trying to be) a writer, with her trusty laptop/phone, sour cream flavored chips and/or strawberry ice cream. (Whether or not she succeeds is another story altogether).

Bea Venezuela (conyo nickname: Bea Ven) and Leonardo Da Vinci have one thing in common: they are both master procrastinators. Bea has a terribly long list of awesome art projects she’s been planning to do for a while but has sadly only managed to cross out less than half of it. Bea draws most of her inspiration from the olden times and sustains herself by fawning over famous people who nobody her age (and sometimes even her parents) have ever heard about.  Her favorite cities include New York and Tokyo and she wants to be 50% Peggy Olson and 50% Lena Dunham when she grows up, pretty please.

Mariah Reodica is an extra in the movie adaptation of the sequel to your life. She sings and plays guitar for her band, The Buildings, and is currently taking up BA Film at the University of the Philippines Diliman. 

Venice Ranosa has been an ardent lover of anything connected to history since childhood, may these be novels, movies, or songs.

Tim Lopez is a Cancerian illustrator who likes music, art, Krav Maga, and trying out new things. Tim dreams of backpacking through wild foreign lands. His favorite color is the yellow of saffron in rad Indian food.

Marty Ysaac is a peculiar 14-year-old who illustrates cartoons and seems to fail at keeping herself sane. Her interests range from dark and eccentric art styles to fluffy and pastel colored animals and objects. Besides the fact she's emotionally unstable, she satisfies herself by reading classics and post-modern books, eating excessive amounts of salty foods, and listens to EDM and indie songs to pass the time.

Yanna Gemora is an aspiring wizard who enjoys doodling, longboarding, reading and writing. She is also a huge fan of anything Studio Ghibli, although she has yet to watch much of Hayao Miyazaki's films because most of her dvds are pirated. Although she is initially quiet and maybe even serious, those who get to know her will see just how optimistic and weird she really is.

Monica Colet grew up in Manila and is currently a college student majoring in Creative Writing. Her favorite food in the world is chocolate, but bacon is a close second. She loves fashion, art, travel, old TV shows, films, and music. She is also a singer-songwriter. You can check out her music at :)

Gaby Chiongban is a twenty-year-old who still hopes that one day Peter Pan will come to take her away. However, in the meantime she spends most of her time with her head in the clouds and searching for new music. She likes to think that she's got quite good taste in music, ranging from classic punk band, The Clash, to budding rap star, Childish Gambino. Although, she can never deny a good shimmy to old school Hilary Duff and thinks it's difficult to say no to boys with wonderfully floppy curly curls (Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin, she's waiting for your phone numbers and a barrage of Twitter followers succeeding the photos from the paps).

Anica de Vera is a 13 year old student who loves art. She also likes video games, food, and Adventure Time. Her dream is to become an animator, but she'll have to somehow get through high school before that. Follow her on instagram: @anica_dv.

Dani Pua is a storyteller and a Daughter of Eve. She is a curious creature, studying biochemistry until further notice, and considers herself a ‘citizen of the world.’ (Whatever that’s supposed to mean.) Oh, and she’s also very much fond of lemon squares. She shares some of her stories on

Anne Agu’s childhood dream was to be an astronaut, before it was shattered at the thought of her leaving the country. Now, she studies BS Biochemistry to be a geneticist. She’s a physicist at heart, though, and plans to get a Masters degree after college. She likes video games that involve killing an average of 500 men a day, and is currently in a love-hate relationship with bowling (Check her Twitter at and Tumblr at

Along with her friends, Marga Magalong is always looking for that movie-worthy coming-of-age experience. Marga is a 16-year-old high school student who often spends her time watching teen movies, hugging her parents, painting, trading music, acting in school plays, hosting online radio broadcasts with her friend, and hanging out at Burger Bar- all the while she is recovering from her extreme emo-girl phase from 4 years ago. Lastly, she is really good in memorising twitter names, kbye. (You can listen to her playlists here:

Kitty Albert has the name of a superhero but a mind of a villain. She spends her days reading and watching gore and is addicted to the color yellow. If she feels like it she might try to take over the world, but until that day comes she’s content with sleeping in till the afternoon.

Sam Evidor is an art major whose motives are insane, one should also note how her flow is not great, okay. She awaits the day that people will finally get her pop culture references. At the moment she relies on spontaneous naps, mango banana shakes, and her Nokia phone to keep her going. Oxford commas are her jam.

Erika Rosales is a self-proclaimed "stylephile" who tries to prove it in her blog, Style and Sundry ( She is incredibly fond of houndstooth, the color blue, and the word ‘courage’. She also desperately wishes to live in a country with a spring season (or for where she lives in to have spring, whichever works).

Emil Hofileña is a junior taking up Creative Writing, and is the Documentation and Publication Executive of the Loyola Film Circle. He can usually be found creating YouTube movie reviews under the name Cinemil and going off to theaters to watch movies by himself (but he would really appreciate the company).

Ariel Quitangon is a heavily browed lady who believes in minimalism and astrology. She appreciates corny jokes, collared shirts, and animal rights. Currently, she is a fine arts student, and plays ukulele for a super wild band.

Anne Agu’s childhood dream was to be an astronaut, before it was shattered at the thought of her leaving the country. Now, she studies BS Biochemistry to be a geneticist. She’s a physicist at heart, though, and plans to get a Masters degree after college. She likes video games that involve killing an average of 500 men a day, and is currently in a love-hate relationship with bowling (Check out her Twitter and tumblr).

Anne Abeli draws most of her work from experience. She enjoys watching her surroundings and likes to immerse herself in wonder, gently listening to the epiphanies life has to offer her.

Clar Gorreon is a(n extremely) loud, nineteen year old Fine Arts student who swears a lot and takes pride in her horrible jokes and bad eyesight. No one believes her when she claims she’s shy, but she can’t really blame them – especially when she gets her foot stuck in her mouth so often. She enjoys reading angsty DHr fanfiction and talking passionately about the ASolaF universe once provoked. You can follow her on Twitter/IG: @clargorreon (WARNING: tweets in ALL CAPS 90% of the time) 

Blessilde Limoso’s existence is a hole waiting to be ripped out from the very fabric of the universe. Her sense of being is anachronistic: she is simply there and not quite there. This timeline crisis is the result of a lifetime’s fascination with period films and science fiction, a deeply-rooted affinity for the fantastical and reckless infatuation with characters that do not exist (oh the blasphemy!). She is mother to two, ridiculously fussy cats, and she believes in sea monsters.

Shandra Fuerte is currently a Communication Arts student. She is interested in multiple art forms such as theater, film and photography.  After college, she plans to enter the world of film and entertainment. 

Daniel Castaneda’s a university sophomore with a degree in Literature who wants to continuously improve his craft. He pursues the dream of becoming a lawyer among other things… as well as a video game writer. He also enjoys playing the guitar and piano with more experience on the latter and plans to master them one day. With a “do-or-die” attitude, he is on a constant journey towards self-discovery. A gamer at heart, he enjoys playing video games whenever the opportunity opens itself; right now he’s enjoying League of Legends.

Pio Tendero is an aspiring animator and artist. A gentle giant, it's hard for him to go unnoticed anywhere, but gives him attention when he draws in public.

Sam Evidor is an art major whose motives are insane, one should also note how her flow is not great, okay. She awaits the day that people will finally get her pop culture references. At the moment she relies on spontaneous naps, mango banana shakes, and her Nokia phone to keep her going. Oxford commas are her jam.

Ginny Julian is a self-proclaimed aesthete majoring in Advertising Arts. Aside from art, she enjoys baking, playing video games, watching animations, and getting distracted by cats. While still uncertain as to what she exactly she wants to become, she has an unwavering ambition to pursue a career in the art world.

Trianne Bamba is a girl who enjoys meeting new people but tries not to be socially-awkward. She has never ending thoughts about everything and daydreams of lying on a bed of fries. Most of the time you'll hear her passionately singing the wrong line to a song.

Ancilla (that's pronounced An-chi-la, mind you) Diamante, obviously born on the last day of the year 1996. Currently taking BS Occupational Therapy. An avid fan
of musicals and Coca-Cola. Can't whistle to save her life. Quirky. Weird. Talkative. Always curious. Most importantly, a work-in-progress. #AFJ, always. (Twitter and IG: @piedrasplatas -- after the famous fictional tree in Ibong Adarna which is filled with, you guessed it, diamonds.)

Andi Fandino would rather be behind her camera taking the photos than in front of someone else's. She enjoys capturing moments and looking back on them just as much as she enjoys living in them. Follow her on instagram: @andifandino.

Franz is an all-around crazy, fun-loving girl who hails from Saudi Arabia. Her thrill-seeking personality has led her to have a variety of interests such as art, music, dance, fashion, and food. When no one is looking, she fearlessly shows off her inner singing and dancing machine.

Pau is a photography enthusiast and has been so since her younger days. She loves capturing every little moment to showcase beauty of the world. She mostly does landscape, street, and nature photography.

You Jung, a.k.a Kate, cannot be described without art and music. She is creative in crazy way and likes to invent and make new things. Food is her second description; she likes cooking, baking and eating. She spends time doing girly hobbies. She is also the creative manager of IndiMe.

Kristine Marquez is a frustrated actor/ writer/ director who is struggling to remain sane in the crazy pulchritude that is life, with a few existential crisis thrown in for good measure. A Communication Arts student at school, a weirdo at home, and all the time lost in another fictional world.

Adela Locsin was born and raised in the Philippines, but left home at fifteen to study at a boarding school. She is mostly based out of Boston, where she is currently majoring in architecture studies. She loves the Boston Red Sox, anything design-related, and she believes a font choice can tell a lot about a person (looking at you, Comic Sans MS user). You can check out her photography at or follow her on twitter or instagram at @adelerz.

Mostly seen holding a pen on one hand and a camera on the other, Jelou Galang (struggles) to stand firm on her personal ground rule, "to fathom the unfathomable". She is into oozing-with-cheese pizza and late-night free verse poetry reading. Also, she works to keep up with: being a college student, living as a cheerful extraterrestrial, and staying as the chinwag buddy of her dog. You can find her attempting every possible thing at

Maia Sevilla loves chocolate cake, napping, and her dog, Fender, more than most things. While she dreams of being the perfect cross between an astronaut and a pastry chef, she is willing to let that go in order to be a fully functional 19-year-old Fine Arts student out to save the world. 

Elle Shivers is a 17-year old aspiring doctor who somehow found herself at art school. She loves rap music and bunnies. She still hasn't grown out of her otaku stage (which started all the way back in elementary school, thank you very much).

Presumably human (although we have our doubts), Andrea Beldua is a Padawan of art, fashion and photography, a feminist, a non-conformist and a Pastafarian. And also seems to like speaking in third person.

Sara Castañeda
is an indecisive teenage girl. She likes horror films, breakfast food and summer. In the future, she wants to become a model, writer and ukulele superstar altogether. But for now, she spends her spare time reading or making crane origamis.  

Sean Eidder Reynon is a 15 year old muggle-born who is proud to say that he is perfectly abnormal, thank you very much. Peculiar in many ways, he is a far cry from that common stereotyped teenager.  He has a great passion for art, and would love to do nothing more than making collages and other creative thingamajigs. 

Rissa Coronel writes around the place, reads in the car and bleeds caffeine. ​See her think aloud over at

Livi Villanueva has an uncanny talent of understanding everyone but herself. She’s not really sure what she is, but she thinks she’s pretty cool so I guess that’s fine. She’s really into TV, movies, chicken, skirts, nail polish and talking (usually about herself to herself). She’s loud and crazy but you wouldn’t really describe her as happy. She has inside jokes with herself, stalks her own Twitter, is forever game to have a 5-hour phone call about life, and gives pretty good hugs.

Pat Portugal is a Visual Communication student who likes to draw comics and watch cartoons. She loves cereal and can eat it for days on end as breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner, and dessert.

Bea Arietta is a psychology major who also wants to be a fashion stylist and landscape architect in the future. She loves Mineshine milk tea, thrift shopping and lettering, among others. Follow her Path to CulturedxJeje on twitter and IG at @beaarrieta to get your daily dose of corny jokes, random photos and typography.

Chuu Diaz is a Visual Communication student, currently blundering her way through university. Future food illustrator. She enjoys garlic bread and things.

Jessica Olaivar likes doing calligraphy and lettering pieces, painting in watercolor, reading novels and fanfiction, and meowing and barking at street cats and dogs in an attempt to say hi in their language. She's currently waiting for fanfic updates and the new The 1975 album and Asian tour announcement.

Danielle Chuatico is a 22-year-old illustrator / comic artist / writer / director and just a girl for all seasons. She enjoys reading novels about crime and killers, learning how to cook, visiting Korean spas, and watching movies over Skype with her far away boyfriend. You can read her comics on Tapastic @bedmoss and find her all over social media as @bedmoss or @bedmosslife.
Bea Policarpio is a 21-year-old artist and creative entrepreneur based in Manila, Philippines.
If asked, most people would probably say that Jan Dabao is a puppy in a human’s body, and she thinks that’s a pretty accurate description. Armed with genuine affection and super soft cuddles 24/7, she’s pretty much always ready to be the best pet, I mean friend that she can be for you! Some of her favorite things would include museums, her pet Chihuahua, videogames, and decreasing WorldSuck.

Ysabel Yutangco is a professional procrastinator and food connoisseur who is just trying not to trip over herself. She loves to jam to the same song and watch Buzzfeed videos for hours on end. Currently aiming to become the eighth Hokage.

Pauline Batoctoy is a Communication Arts and Advertising student. She likes all things cute and pastel- colored, but has a weird habit of covering everything she owns with washi tape. When she's not drowning herself in a pool of existential crisis, she likes to spend her free time on the weird side of the internet and binge- watching anime.

Rogin Losa lives in one of the 7,107 islands that compose Philippines. She is currently 18 years of age and a film student. Her holy trinity composes of books, film, and music. Spontaneity could be her middle name but it’s Ocampo, unfortunately. This makes her sound adventurous but she’s usually just in her room. Check out her blog at

  Jappy Poblete is an industrial design student that is often referred to by his real name, Jaime, by many of his peers because it sounds better than his nickname, "Jappy". He is an avid gamer and masking tape enthusiast, though he can often be found spending his free time drawing webcomics for Chernila Comics. He also (for some reason) enjoys coffee shops more than the coffee that they serve.

Julia Benito is a 19-year-old Communication Arts Student who rarely likes communicating (though dogs are an exception). She enjoys long romantic walks (alone) to the fridge, going to concerts she can't afford, and often breaks out in corny puns and strange noises.

Mariel Arboleda has always been the quiet mild child, but she's now looking to shake things up. She is a workaholic whose great ambitions both drown and keep her afloat. Her interests include Stephen King's works, zombie films, and Pinterest. Nearly all of her social media accounts are under the name @astrogirl911 so feel free check her out there (or y'know, don't. No pressure.)