What is The Thing?

The Thing is an online magazine for young Filipinas (and Filipinos) that explores and embraces all kinds of interests. It stands for individuality, diversity, open expression, and acceptance -- aiming to create an environment where interests can be broadened and enriched, where perspectives can be shared and learned from, and where all interests are given the same kind of importance.

The message is this: there is more than one kind of person, and as such, there is more than one kind of girl. And for every girl, there are a million interests and opinions just waiting to be expressed. Because of this, The Thing works like a correspondence between the reader and the editors -- submissions and contributions (including articles, artworks, playlists, etc.) are directed to someone who’s there to listen, to see, and to appreciate.

Why “The Thing”?

The technical definition of a ‘thing’ would be an object, animal, quality, etc., of any kind. These days, it can be used to mean nearly anything, which is why it was chosen: it is a flexible word that caters to a diverse set of meanings depending on many different factors. In this case, The Thing is one place where so many different interests can be explored, and the directions the online magazine can go in are infinite -- and dependent on the interests of the readers (see below for different sections).

Here is a fun video teaser that explains all our sections:

The Thing from The Thing on Vimeo.

We post every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. See how YOU can participate here.

Poster by Ches Gatpayat