Gaby Gloria, Editor-in-Chief
Gaby is used to working quietly in the background. The Thing is her first big attempt at taking the lead. She isn't sure how it is going to go, considering that most of her time is spent trying to get her dog to listen to her. On most days, you would find her at her computer, excessively bookmarking links to DIY projects and articles about teenage wunderkind.

Patricia Chong, Managing Editor
PaCho is the nickname of a full-time fangirl who wants an infinite amount of money with which to travel the world and buy merchandise. This girl is currently amassing the skills to achieve these goals, and collecting stories and perspectives along the way (to consequently be the best that no one ever was) at a university. She will smile in satisfaction at the fall of the patriarchy and Western domination of international affairs. She is only half-joking about this (which means that she's completely serious).

Kiana Flores, Musings Editor
Kiana's constancy fluctuates. A scholar of nowhere and an aspiring witch, she is a reader and thinker more than a writer and doer. Despite this, she writes a weekly diary at Rookie and has contributed to Femsplain. She seeks to become relentless in her conducts. She lives in Davao City with her grandmother and a dog named Daisy.

Andie Buenconsejo, Science & History Editor
Science has been Andie’s thing since she was four (she once thought the Milky Way was the gateway to heaven). She doesn’t mind being called a geek—because it’s obviously true—and is now a physicist in the making. She believes her puns, jokes and pick-up lines are amazing, even if everyone else around her doesn’t. Andie constantly thirsts for adventure, and is ready to give almost anything a try.

Dani Pua, Science & History Co-Editor
Dani is a storyteller and a Daughter of Eve. She is a curious creature, studying medicine until further notice, and considers herself a ‘citizen of the world.’ (Whatever that’s supposed to mean.) Oh, and she’s also very much fond of lemon squares. She shares some of her stories on

Andrea Lopez, Pop Culture Editor
Andrea is a 19-year-old communication junior. Part meme supreme, part pretentious literary hoe, she's always cooking up something good.

Shekinah Bongco, Intern

Zarah Mariscal, Intern
Zarah is an eighteen-year-old Advertising Management major who likes to compute numbers and write stories. You can find her at cafes reading a book or watching a movie/anime. Like Margo from Paper Towns, she adores mysteries so much that she is slowly becoming one. And when all is finally right in her world, she would like to become a successful scriptwriter.  

Arielle Acosta, Art Editor
Arielle is currently a fine arts student (Information Design). She loves taking pictures, watching movies, going to new places, hoarding books and collaborating with other people to make things. She would like to pursue a career in photography, film and design (yes all three) in the future.

Chili PerezLit Editor
Chili is a freshman BS Business Economics student, as well as a frustrated philosophy and art history major. As a self-proclaimed fan of all things culture and thrill, she enjoys watching movies repeatedly, crying over Richard Siken and Tom Hiddleston, and drinking Korean aloe vera juice. Chili loves football, roller coasters and Marvel, and is also a hater of carrots and heights.

Trish Hejastro, Lit Editor
Trish is an accountancy grad with a fic-writing habit. She's older than she seems to be at first glance (don't let the height fool you), tends to go rambling off at the worst of times, and can't really see the appeal of consistent sleep patterns. Save for a one-time stint at her high school paper, The Thing is her first foray into non-fanfic-related publication. She has a twitter account, @postscriptress, where she spoils her own writing and re-familiarizes herself with her third language.

Brin Isaac, Art Intern
Brin is a writer/illustrator who enjoys listening to piano covers of video game music and reciting spoken word poetry in her bedroom. Greatly influenced by Sir Ken Robinson and a few wunderkinds, she enjoys intellectual conversations and people would commonly mistake her as a 19-year old. She loves sans serif and art that has a strong aesthetic appeal. She runs a WordPress blog: and is a huge Jane Austen fan.

Arianna MercadoMultimedia Editor
arianna spends way too much time watching anime and america's next top model. she is often seen sporting the eyebags and bored look, otherwise known as insomnia chic. additionally, she also makes short films for fun and plays ukulele/melodica for a band. you can find her here: vimeo or soundcloud.

Zoë Rosal, Art and Music Intern
Zoë is a can-doer of all sorts. On some days, she enjoys illustrating the wonders her imagination can conceive. On others, she is exceedingly musically-inclined. You’ll often see her stopping in her tracks to take pictures, or on the train with earphones on, filling her phone with thoughts and ideas for her next piece of art. You can listen to the songs she's covered here.

Mikee ManahanFood and Multimedia Editor
Mikee - One-cup magical procrastination powers, quarter-cup of gibberish, and a generous amount of FEEELS that has been baking under the Philippine sun since 1995. Filmmaker, baker, lover of the light, and your go-to supplier for staple wires (next to National Bookstore).

Sammi Catolico, Style Editor
Sammi is a walking Studio Ghibli character in her imagination, in search of a hidden kingdom of cats and/or the next greatest panini sandwich to enter her life. Her fantasies may include being a can’t-touch-this hot tamale hip-hop dancer or the lead in a magical girl anime. But then again - why not be both?

Anto Joson, Style Editor
Anto Joson is a fashion enthusiast, stage actress and a rookie ‘hallyu wave’ blogger. She attributes much of her sense of style to Korean and London street fashion. Expect more of her from The Thing and her blog,

Jao San Pedro, Style Intern
Jao is a 16-year-old aesthetically driven visual artist, fashion student, & french fry enthusiast from Manila. He started his visual folio in summer 2015 known as Cool Girl (The Label). In his time of idle, he enjoys listening to alternative/indie music often psychedelic or acoustic & binge watching t.v. series such as Girls and HIMYM. View his label at & his tweets @jaosanpedro.


Cine Escalona, Web Manager
Cine is a 20-year-old visual artist, photographer, and the next Supreme.

Jopi Palo, Web Manager
Jopi is a digital arts student who tries hard not to fall asleep every time she codes. She doesn't watch horror movies so don't force her to watch them with you. If you want to befriend her, just talk about pens and 1D (she secretly likes them). She loves typography and photography as much as she loves cheesecakes. You can follow her on instagram: jopipalo_.

Jovy Lim, Photographer
Jovy is a girl who wants nothing more than to earn a living from photography and filmmaking. Also, she is weird when it comes to her books, as she is very discriminatory towards paperbacks and made an Instagram account with the sole purpose of posting pictures of her growing pile of books. If you ever try to damage her precious hardcovers--in any way--she WILL cut you.