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The Evolution of Reese: Chatting With Reese Lansangan (Part 2)

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Last week, we looked at Reese's backstory and delved into the inner workings of her being (or rather, her three main interests). Today, we take a break from all the serious talk to go into the lighter teenage-girl mag stuff (because that's obviously what's important).

Read on to find out about her hairvolution, how she spent her debut, and whether she prefers Clueless or Mean Girls (a.k.a a question of life or death)!

If you could have dinner with any movie, book, or TV show character, who would it be and why? What would you serve?
This is hard, ang daming puwede ahh. I got really obsessed with Lemony Snicket. At some point talaga, you know The Blank Book—I filled it up with all my conspiracies and The Baudelaire orphans and I would just discuss life—their life.

What outfit do you feel really good in?
Whenever I wear baggy clothes and chains and stuff I feel so hip-hop. I feel so good! I dunno why. When I wear a cap or a beanie and then I wear chains and a shirt—and I have like a walk that's like “You can't touch me.” (motions to her outfit) This is kind of like a dressy hip-hop—like a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air kind of thing.

If you had to wear just one outfit forever like a cartoon character, what would you wear?
I would wear creepers to add height 'cos I'm tiny, and they're flat. I would probably wear... yeah a really really big sweater that would be a dress with a toy necklace. Then I would wear a hat because I collect hats. Oh and sheer tights.

Whose fictional character's wardrobe would you want to have?
Oh, Claudia Kishi from Babysitter's Club or Clarissa Darling and if it's a real life person, Susy Lau. She's Asian.

People have been asking—how do you keep your hair looking so great? What was your hairvolution?
Ohh ok. I've always wanted to color my hair, but I have a strict mom. It took me forever to convince her, but when I got her permission, it was to dip-dye. I saw it first in a K-Pop video [of the group f(x)]. The way it was done was it was bleached but it was cut in different angled levels. Basta, it looked so good. Then I colored it teal, and then after that I just stuck with the dip-dye. I did neon-green, and then I did rainbow, then purple and blue. Then I transitioned to red—as in, it's in my bucket list to have red hair. I told my mom, “Oh magpapa-dye ako,kasi lagi akong nagpapa-dye 'cos I have white hair due to a vitamin deficiency. I used to always have my hair dyed, pero black or brown lang. She [my mom] didn't talk to me for half a day—she was mad. Eventually, she got used to it 'cos she had no choice. 

From the salon red, I bought a fiery red, which was super bright. From there, I did orange 'cos it faded. After that I did cherry pink. It's kind of a pink-red—you can't tell if it's red or pink. Then I did blue-green, 'cos that was my dream color. It really gets ugly after a while so... And then I did purple—ahh violet, with blue ends last time. My second one is this—violet, with blue sa likod. I think—I'm not sure—that I'm nearly ending my era of color. I dunno, I wanna get back to black sometimes because it's hard to match outfits, wear certain things, and to wear lipstick is quite impossible—you can, but it doesn't look as good as when you have black hair. Mababaw na mga reason. But yeah, sometimes I just wanna look normal and dress weird.

I don't shampoo my hair everyday. I shampoo it every other day or every two days, but I use dry shampoo and conditioner.

How did you spend your 18th?
Way back when the Alice in Wonderland theme wasn't so cliche yet, I had an afternoon tea party at Sonya's Garden—an outdoor organic garden in the outskirts. I printed out "admit one" tickets and had my friends and family transported to the far-off place via a common bus. I designed all the invitation and favors, and worked on the decoration with my mom. We had a display table filled with huge items next to miniature versions of them to replicate the Alice experience of growing and shrinking. I also had a "design your own cupcake" activity for the guests and had Alice in Wonderland cake toppers for everyone to take home.

Towards the end of the interview, we put Reese up to a lightning round where we gave her two choices and told her to pick one. Here are her answers: 
  1. Sweet or savory? Sweet
  2. Day person or night person? I want to be a day person but I'm a night person.
  3. Clueless or Mean Girls? That's a hard one. No! Bo—Mean Girls. I wrote a song about Mean Girls but I haven't posted it yet.
  4. Sailor Moon or Cardcaptor Sakura? Sailor Moon
  5. Past or Future? Future. Never look back. (laughs)
  6. Forever 21 or Cotton On? Forever 21
  7. Maid Cafe or Cat Cafe? I wanna try maid cafe.

Photos by Arielle and Cine
Special thanks to  My Breathing Space and Sweet Ecstasy at Cubao Expo


  1. Lemony Snicket!!!! Really love her hair omg *-* I wonder where she got her hair dyed? I don't think a lot of salons offer "unusual" colors... I think??

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