Sunday, June 22, 2014

So This is The New Year

6:54 AM

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(I don't feel any different)

This playlist embodies the itch of wanting things to change, to be exciting, and you're sitting there, irritated that nothing is happening as you continue on with routine and monotony. I guess you could say that I feel like this most of the time and the only consolation I have, and can give, is that there is so much that can change in a year. Things change, people change, and maybe even you will change (if you let yourself).

Tracklist by Ches

Playlist by Arianna
Artwork by Ches
arianna spends way too much time watching anime and america's next top model. she is often seen sporting the eyebags and bored look, otherwise known as insomnia chic. additionally, she also makes short films for fun and plays ukulele/melodica for a band. you can find her here: vimeo or soundcloud.

Ches is a human being who loves making mixed-media and collage art. She enjoys collecting small things, listening to sad and fuzzy music, making a mess, eating spicy Japanese food, and thinking about everything. You can find her on Twitter (@psychedelicward) and in booksales/local gigs near you.


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