Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Fresh Start: A Cautionary Warning on Beauty From the Future

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Greetings from the Future!

I am the authorized adult who was sent to warn you about the things you can do to harm your... [insert deep trumpet sound] skin. What? You thought I was going to warn you about some dark apocalypse or scream out "the end is near!"? Honey, you already know that the end is near—only now you call it "final exams".

Yes, we have to address the skin problem. Being a teenager, your hormones will go on overdrive—you will be confused about a lot of things, guaranteed (like your sexuality, what you plan on doing within the next 10 years, your relationships with basically everyone, and your identity to name a few—no rush, a lot of grown ups haven’t figured out some of this stuff yet so you can chillax), and you will need help whether you like it or not. Truthfully, the skin problem is only a little component in the grand scheme of things, but my message can hopefully help you lighten the load on your journey as an adolescent (naks).

So, why take care of your skin? ("I can look however the hell I want to look!" screams the misinformed feminist in the distance). The word "skincare" is usually associated with vanity and being maarte; more of a luxury rather than a daily routine; where in fact, taking care of your skin properly is just as basic as personal hygiene - you do it because it's healthy and it's good for your well-being. It just looks like rocket science because some beauty gurus apply 2597462975 products and change it every season or so and label it as their "daily skincare routine." (Cray confusing fo realz). But in truth, they do it because they think that these products may benefit their skin, and it's up to you if you want to be influenced by that or not. Everyone is different, and different skins react in different ways.

Which brings me to why I was sent from the future to rescue you. I was once young and naive like you, but I made mistakes that have taken a toll on my skin. You, on the other hand, have not made these mistakes yet. Thank goodness. So here’s what you should and shouldn’t do if you would like to save you and your skin:

  1. I played the guessing game with different products so I could improve my skin on my own. In the end, I burnt my skin and damaged it with the wrong products. Save yourself the trouble of this by visiting your local dermatologist. He or she may help you find the right products (cleanser, toner, scrub, sunscreen, and moisturizer) for your skin type.
  2. If you must insist on not seeing a professional, opt for choosing hypoallergenic products (these are made with less chemicals, so it will not harm your skin) and stay away from granular scrubs (as these can cause micro tears on your skin)
  3. If you have a pimple, DO NOT TOUCH IT. Picking pimples can result to either acne scars or mini craters (the temptation is too great - it feels like picking a mini scab - but you must resist the temptation!). Instead, treat the pimple with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic acid. If the pimple is active (or ready to pop), apply Bacroban ointment and salt until it gets dried out (it will feel gross and weird at first - but this method is totally worth it. Much more tangible than dabbing ~*~*lavender*~*~ oil on it and waiting for it to disappear)
  4. Wear sunscreen. Believe it or not, sunscreen will help keep pimples away (as long as you apply it with clean hands!). It also helps protect you from the harmful UVA and UVB rays that could damage your skin and ultimately cause skin problems (…and wrinkles, if you're thinking waaaaaaaay ahead). You know that commercial of Kim Chiu proclaiming that she doesn't have to hide from the sun anymore? Don't do that. Your skin will love you for it. 
  5. Be wary of beauty gurus. They give great make-up tutorials and they are super duper easy to follow, but don't blindly follow their skincare and beauty hauls! If you are interested in a beauty or skincare product, heavily research on reviews (especially by people of your skin type) and ingredients used. Before switching between products, give your skin some air by not applying anything radical for the next 2-3 days. To test the product, use this Reddit test to see if you're allergic to a product or not.
  6. Know that there will be no fast results. Each product works at its own pace, so be patient. Give it at least 2-4 weeks before you start judging any changes. 
  7. Don't be lazy! Keep up with your routine and cleanse well, especially if you wore make-up. Your routine is not a chore. 
  8. Lots of water and balanced diet can do wonders. Hormonal acne, be gone!

Skincare is not as complicated as some people make it out to be. In the end, how you take care of your skin should entirely depend on and benefit you and your skin type. 

Save yourselves before it's too late! 

Over and out, 
A Certified Grown-Up
(Who is not a skincare professional, but a victim of her own doing)
(Seriously, go see a dermatologist)

Our time traveling device comes with a comment box. If you have questions regarding skincare, please type down your questions, concerns, and/or violent reactions below. Thank you! 

Article by Mikee Manahan
Artwork by Reese Lansangan

Mikee Manahan - One-cup magical procrastination powers, quarter-cup of gibberish, and a generous amount of FEEELS that has been baking under the Philippine sun since 1995. Filmmaker, baker, lover of the light, and your go-to supplier for staple wires (next to National Bookstore).

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  1. Hi Mikee, a little should be Bactroban OINTMENT (not cream)