Friday, July 11, 2014

An Extended Drumroll, Please: The Thing Launch Party!

7:56 PM

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Last June 14, we invited people over to our super fabulous Coming Out party.

Attendees were given the opportunity to take a first look at the website, and were introduced to the people behind it (e.g. us). Just look at all their excited faces!

The program began around 6:30pm. We had a lineup of artists and food on the way, so we were off to a good start. Note that this took place in the McDonald’s multi-purpose room. We’re too cool for any other venue.

The vibe was somewhat reminiscent of the kid’s parties we had when we were younger – paper plates filled with fast food, loud and energetic music, questionable cake, and awesome giveaways. Yes – we’re talking about charm bracelets and kiddie-meal toys. Never too old for that.

We added Manila paper to the tables so we could have our guests draw on it while they wait for food and the performers. We also passed around a burn book (see what Ira's writing in) with random questions for people to answer. They make great memorabilia too, no? If you wanna see what guests wrote and drew, check out our Facebook page!

The food quickly arrived and left – just in time to have performers like BP Valenzuela, Monica Colet, and SWPG! (super wild party girls!) show us what being musically talented is like. Okay, for all the musically handicapped people out there, on the count of three: one, two, three – IYAK NA.

BP Valenzuela is our artist of the month for one very good reason: She knocks people out with her refreshing sound and her phenomenal technique. You'll definitely be seeing more of her this July!

Monica Colet blew us all away with her lovely voice and her fantastic songs.

SWPG!'s unique ukulele-keyboard combo definitely raised the roof! In a super wild way.

Spotted: Reese Lansangan, our eternally cool muse of the month!

"Congrats: It's a website!" Right after our editors got their time to shine by telling their coming out stories, we brought out this awesome, multi-layered ombre heart-shaped cake (courtesy of our amazing Food editor, Mikee).

Pink Galore.

Since our venue only allotted an hour and thirty minutes (not very glamorous, I know – but all great things have to end), we had to pack-up early. But first, let us take a group selfie-not-actually-a-selfie (note: a bunch of people—like our performers, Monica and BP, had to leave early, but these are the few who remained).

On behalf of the entire staff, PaCho, our Managing Editor with the crazy face, says thanks to everyone who attended the launch! We hope to see you all again soon!

Photos by Mikee
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