Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD: Once Upon a Dream

7:11 PM

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Sheer maxi skirt: Miss Selfridge
Faux leather bag: H&M
White spaghetti strap top: H&M
Ring: Colorstone

I wore this outfit when I went to watch Maleficent the day it came out. Angelina Jolie is one of my idols, so I figured I’d pay tribute to such a badass yet elegant lady by putting together that (hopefully) likewise, looked badass yet elegant. I love the sheer maxi skirt because of the high slits on both sides and because it has a cool skyline-y print on it, like a zoomed-in photograph of a skyscraper at night. The leather band at the waist of the skirt is kind of evil villain, kind of undercover spy. To go with that whole elegant/badass, villain/spy look, I also wore a small black faux leather bag, white spaghetti strap top, gray jelly sandals, antique Art Deco earrings, and a ring with a large red stone on it. 

Incidentally, the film also showed a classic, iconic villain in a completely new light, also giving Maleficent a sort of “debut” of her own as she was reinvented from a stone cold witch to a strong, caring, but injured fairy who took a few wrong turns before she figured out her life. I think that’s pretty important, too, and in that way, Maleficent reminded me that villains aren’t so bad because everyone’s a little messed up, and we’re always, always coming out into the world as new people with every life experience that shapes who we are. That, and also, red lipstick looks fabulous in all situations.

Write-up and photo from Monica
Art by Bea V.

Monica grew up in Manila and is currently a college student majoring in Creative Writing. Her favorite food in the world is chocolate, but bacon is a close second. She loves fashion, art, travel, old TV shows, films, and music. She is also a singer-songwriter. You can check out her music at :)

Bea(conyo nickname: Bea Ven) and Leonardo Da Vinci have one thing in common: they are both master procrastinators. Bea has a terribly long list of awesome art projects she’s been planning to do for a while but has sadly only managed to cross out less than half of it. Bea draws most of her inspiration from the olden times and sustains herself by fawning over famous people who nobody her age (and sometimes even her parents) have ever heard about.  Her favorite cities include New York and Tokyo and she wants to be 50% Peggy Olson and 50% Lena Dunham when she grows up, pretty please.


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