Saturday, August 9, 2014

Left With Cold Sheets

6:49 AM

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People are meant to come in and out of our lives. Some stay longer than we'd like and others don't stay long enough. Whether we realise it or not their exits undoubtedly change who we are for good. Upon their departures we're to make sense of all that is left behind and if you're anything like me it isn't easy. This playlist is about that. Cheers.

Photo credit for playlist cover: 
Stewart, Bekah. Moments. N.d. Moments, n/a. A Well Traveled Woman. Web. 26 July 2014.

Playlist and Artwork by Gaby 

Gaby is a twenty year old who still hopes that one day Peter Pan will come to take her away. However, in the meantime she spends most of her time with her head in the clouds and searching for new music. She likes to think that she's got quite good taste in music, ranging from classic punk band, The Clash, to budding rap star, Childish Gambino. Although, she can never deny a good shimmy to old school Hilary Duff and thinks it's difficult to say no to boys with wonderfully floppy curly curls (Harry Styles and Ashton Irwin, she's waiting for your phone numbers and a barrage of Twitter followers succeeding the photos from the paps).


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