Sunday, August 17, 2014

OOTD: Great Expectations

8:46 AM

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It’s always difficult to expect a noteworthy occasion to be an agent of change.   

striped shirt: Muji
denim shorts: hand-me-down
loafers: G.H. Bass
hat: a gift from lola
necklace: Zara

At the closing of any monumental life event, I had always expected myself to come out as some kind of changed woman. By the end of long-awaited occasions (like prom, graduation, or maybe just a new ‘do), I could never help but hope for something different and exciting to begin. Investing so much time on what I wear to notable events just compelled me to hope for something great to happen in return, and I ended up expecting nothing short of extraordinary to come out of it. Needless to say, I was rarely ever satisfied with the turn-out of big events.

The outfit I chose isn’t really anything grandiose. Its one of my everyday outfits and is mostly composed of pieces I’m most comfortable in. The outfit is also a really good way of presenting my personal style, which is always pretty minimal and fairly monochromatic. I’m a Breton stripe devotee and lord knows I love my denim, so those would obviously be essential in a typical Ariel outfit. The penny loafers also have a rather special place in my heart. What was clearly quite different of me was topping off the ensemble with a semi floppy hat and the shiny silver necklace. These things I would usually not have the confidence to add into an outfit. With all their powers combined, I think the outfit is a great reflection of myself, but with a few new additions that harmonize with the old.

It’s always difficult to expect a noteworthy occasion to be an agent of change. I mean expectation itself is its own league of difficult. What we do reap from these events may not be huge life transformations or Prince Charmings, but bits and bobs of new experiences that will be incorporated into our current selves. You’re probably going to come out as the same person, just a bit more realized. To me, an aftermath doesn’t mean a drastic change, but a time where we become most open to improvement-possibly in the form of floppy hats and shiny necklaces!

Write-up and photo from Ariel
Art by Marty
Ariel Quitangon is a heavily browed lady who believes in minimalism and astrology. She appreciates corny jokes, collared shirts, and animal rights. Currently, she is a fine arts student, and plays ukulele for a super wild band.

Marty Ysaac is a peculiar 14-year old who illustrates cartoons and seems to fail at keeping herself sane. Her interests range from dark and eccentric art styles to fluffy and pastel colored animals and objects. Besides the fact she's emotionally unstable, she satisfies herself by reading classics and post-modern books, eating excessive amounts of salty foods, and listens to EDM and indie songs to pass the time.