Friday, February 13, 2015

Distance Sucks

7:55 PM

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Pining sucks. Extended pining due to the thousands of miles that separate you from your object of affection sucks even more, because Skype is a real pain in the a**.

Distance disillusions even the strongest relationships, because the void is rarely filled by messages and video chat. Maybe a good old fashioned mix can rope you out of your unavoidable, crappy couple conundrum.

Playlist by BP 
Art by Trianne
BP is a 19 year old misanthrope obsessed with sitcoms and fast food. She also makes super sad music you can find at (and iTunes/Spotify/Bandcamp). Aside from regularly tweeting about animals and heartbreak at @valenzuelabp, she works part-time at vinyl record store/cafe Satchmi, where you can find her on most days doing homework in between brewing coffee for strangers.

Trianne is a girl who enjoys meeting new people but tries not to be socially-awkward. She has never ending thoughts about everything and daydreams of lying on a bed of fries. Most of the time you'll hear her passionately singing the wrong line to a song.