Wednesday, February 4, 2015

twinkle, twinkle

5:14 AM

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When you think of lights, you think of brightness and warmth. When you see twinkling lights, you think of how pretty they look. You look up and relax because they just give you that good feeling. Twinkling lights may look good in pictures (or as you all know as the "bokeh effect") but there's just something about seeing them in person. What makes twinkling lights even better? When there is lovely music to match.

These songs reminded me of how lights twinkle at night and how they make you feel happy, warm, and well...light!

Playlist by Meg
Art by Trianne

Trianne is a girl who enjoys meeting new people but tries not to be socially-awkward. She has never ending thoughts about everything and daydreams of lying on a bed of fries. Most of the time you'll hear her passionately singing the wrong line to a song.

Meg  is a lover of black clothing, milk, and almost all genres of music (she’s not big on country). The only things she watches on TV are Game of Thrones, Korean channels, MTV, and FashionTV. Pastel hair colors and ear cuffs are a few of the things she wishes to have someday. She has a lost pet turtle named Picasso and a ukulele named Chikito.


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