Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Style Record

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When it comes to buying vinyl records, many visualize a quirky niche market of hipsters allergic to the mainstream. Cut to a scene at Satchmi Vinyl Day last April 11 of a diverse crowd scouring boxes of both vintage and modern records on sale in the late afternoon heat all the way to midnight. Some people brought their loved ones, their children, or even their dog.

 To match the variety of people was a variety of records clutched by eager hands happy to have found what they were looking for. From Ella Fitzgerald, to Real Estate, to the latest Taylor Swift album – it was a beautiful picture of an eclectic mix of both young and old attesting to the resurgence of vinyl records. 

 And when it comes to the street style at Vinyl Day, what stood out were the smiles of new record owners and music enthusiasts – brighter than even the loudest, coolest hair colors! 

Check out the pictures from Satchmi Vinyl Day below!

"Even though I'm [only] sixteen - I love the feel of nostalgia. And the sound is so far from the sound of CDs" - Roanne Garcia
"I really like decorating my room and I like the aesthetic [of records]"
"Because it's so hard to find the CDs of bands I like, I just buy records" - Ches Gatpayat

"You remember your first record, but you don't remember your first downloaded mp3"

Doesn't looking at this Lisa Frank-inspired bag automatically make your day a little brighter?

Nothing goes better with an ankle-length skirt than good music and just the right  breeze - definitely festival chic.

Marla Anunuevo's Bart Simpson shirt and bright hair is a totally rad combo

Pastels in the summertime! Pastels all the time!

Sam Gonzales battled the heat of that day with a cute hat!

People-watching was another cool part of Vinyl Day. See you all again next year!

Photos by Arielle 
Article by Sammi
Arielle is currently a fine arts student (Information Design). She loves taking pictures, watching movies, going to new places, hoarding books and collaborating with other people to make things. She would like to pursue a career in photography, film and design (yes all three) in the future.

Sammi is a walking Studio Ghibli character in her imagination, in search of a hidden kingdom of cats and/or the next greatest panini sandwich to enter her life. Her fantasies may include being a can’t-touch-this hot tamale hip-hop dancer or the lead in a magical girl anime. But then again - why not be both?


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