Monday, April 6, 2015

Two of a Kind

3:49 AM

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“Wait – there’s two of you?!?”

Ah yes. Our favorite phrase. One would expect nothing less when you never mention that you have a twin sister that isn’t physically in your life. Many dread the thought of someone else just like you out there wreaking havoc. If you are a Power on your own, two together would be a Force of Nature.

But alas, the Universe and God agree that it isn’t a good idea to keep Caz and me together for extended periods of time. Perhaps it’s because of all those plans of world domination when we were younger.

Even though complications within the family pushed us apart physically, we were pulled only closer emotionally. In all our nineteen years, we’ve only ever met during the summer, sharing moments of our lives while we were on different sides of the world. It’s like looking at parallels, even having a friend or two with the same name and background and similar traits. Like the blue eyed, blonde haired Max – although mine has dyslexia and hers has a lisp.

We are different, yet the same. Like two magnets with different charges. Where one lacks the other thrives. I sing and she dances; I write and she acts; I play the violin and she plays piano. I am addicted to anime, Kpop, Jpop and the like, while she is captivated by TV series like Psych, Community, How to Get Away With Murder, and Kingdom (do it for the Jonas).

We aren’t the type of twins that finished each other’s sentences, but we are the kind that simultaneously breaks out singing the first lines of “I’ll Make a Man out of You” the moment someone says “Let’s get down to business.” Not to mention the funny little habit of wearing similar designed shirts without any prior consultation. No, we do not tell each other to wear a plaid shirt for our next meet or a skater skirt with converse; twins don’t need a heads up. That’s what subconscious twin sense is for.

I’ve been asked numerous times why I’ve never mentioned Caz. The only reason I have is that there has never been an actual need to do so. She is just always… there. The subject comes up when it does – like the sneak attacks we’d pull on all of our friends. The reaction is always a state of disbelief. Friends have told me they’ve been ‘living a lie’.

Yes, my partner-in-crime and I have a long distance relationship. But in our case, absence makes our bond grow stronger. It leads to intense bonding meet ups and all-nighter conversations. We love each other so much, we nearly got our merienda suspended. No matter how far we are, we fill in and bridge the gaps be it through Facebook messages late at night or random funny pictures to greet each other in the morning.

What can I say? We make it work.

Article by Tasha and Caz
Natasha "Tash" & Caroline "Caz" are the most twin-tastic pair out there. It's never a dull moment when the dynamic duo is together as you'll find yourself belting out Queen's Bohemian Rhapsody or ugly dancing to Christina Aguilera's Candyman. They live for the sugar high as they devise world domination. With a wink and a smile these two get by for pizza is love and ice cream is life. Follow Tash on Tumbler @nate-the-muse and Caz on Instagram @callmecaz


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