Thursday, June 4, 2015

Konbinient Finds

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“So I’m going to Japan,” says the nth friend on one of your social media timelines. Given the increased fluidity of getting a visa to the land of the rising sun, it’s no surprise that many a Filipino family is flocking there to escape the summertime heat. It seems like they’re all over there. They’re trying soft serve ice cream crepes in Harajuku, checking out weird toys and tools from Japanese department stores, and buying inexpensive yet savory konbini (convenient store) food.

But who says you need to miss out? Konbini food can be found locally, albeit not in a central shop within the metro. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look.


Look at that cherry-cheeked cutie on the box. The iconic humanoid peach figure, Kobito, is usually printed on the peach flavored Pocky box.

Where you can find it: Not so sure about the peach Pocky, but its standard flavors—strawberry, chocolate, milk, and the occasional banana—can be found in local supermarkets and Daiso stores

Lotte Yukimi Daifuku

The thin sheet of glutinous rice wraps around light and soft vanilla ice cream like a fluffy pillow cover. If you’ve ever wondered what clouds taste like, this mochi ice cream comes pretty close.

Where you can find it:  In the ice cream section of most Japanese groceries like Choto Stop


You can’t go wrong with this. These rice balls are a staple snack for the Japanese. In konbinis, they come wrapped meticulously in plastic, with instructions on how to open them so that the nori wrapper stays crisp and unsullied by the moisture from the salted rice. 

Where you can find it: Family Mart

Melon pan

If you think melon and bread don’t go together, think again. Just kidding. It actually doesn’t taste like melon, traditionally. The sweet bread bun just has the look of a melon because of the thin layer of cookie dough that covers it. 

Where you can find it: Kumori, Jipan Bakery


That girl you see with pigtails and a sly smile with her tongue sticking out? Her name is Peko, and she comes on every package of the popular Japanese soft candy brand, Milky. It’s got a sweet and creamy flavor that rolls on your tongue.

Where you can find it: Japanese section of Landmark and other grocery stores


Have you spotted any other must-try konbini snacks around the country? Tell us here!

Article by Belle
Art by Ginny
Belle is a Creative Writing major with big dreams and even bigger hair. Her dying wish is to drown in a pool of fluffy dogs. Check out her endless rambling on her twitter account: @bellemaps.

Ginny is a self-proclaimed aesthete majoring in Advertising Arts. Aside from art, she enjoys baking, playing video games, watching animations, and getting distracted by cats. While still uncertain as to what she exactly she wants to become, she has an unwavering ambition to pursue a career in the art world.


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