Friday, June 26, 2015

OOTD: Live Again

4:08 AM

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I’m wearing my dad's old The Clash shirt, my mom's vintage German jacket purchased from a shop in New York that sold old soldiers' military jackets, a DIY-ed old pair of jeans, and an old pair of Chucks from way back.

Personally, I love hand-me-downs from my parents and family members and I enjoy ukay stuff. I love it when the shirt’s been washed too many times you can kind of see through it already. I’m a very sentimental person—I can’t throw things away—so I appreciate the old things given or bought, that this item might have been someone’s favorite shirt or jacket way back when.

If you want think of it in the romantic sense of things, it’s like walking around with someone’s memories and giving them a chance to live again.

Article by Una
Art by Jao

Una was born in 1995, and is currently residing in the midnight hours of books, music, and movies. She has messy, multicolored hair, and is a cat lady by heart.

Jao is a 16-year-old aesthetically driven visual artist, fashion student, & french fry enthusiast from Manila. He started his visual folio in summer 2015 known as "Cool Girl (The Label)" ~ironic~. In his time of idle, he enjoys listening to alternative/indie music often psychedelic or acoustic & binge watching tv series such as "Girls", "HIMYM" and the like. View his label at & his tweets @jaosanpedro.


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