Saturday, July 4, 2015

The New Retro

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Do you ever find yourself scrolling through your Instagram feed and seeing tons of people wearing high-waisted not-so-skinny jeans that are belted at the waist, and acid-washed denim jackets with slightly ripped sleeves? Ever see those posts about being a #90skid and #grunge, usually of beings in tattoo chokers? 

You see, it’s definitely no secret that styles are always changing. Fortunately, we have so many ways, such as social media, to be up-to-date with all the cool new looks the fashion industry has to offer. There’s just one thing: these styles aren’t new at all.

They're making their comebacks on both the runway and the street, so why not get with the times? Here, we break down some outfits worn by the likes of Alexa Chung and Kathryn Bernardo to help you out!

Zooey Deschanel’s outfits are usually inspired by the style of the ‘50s and here we can see her in an absolutely adorable shirtdress. Back then, women would make sure that the waist was accentuated. Now, people may opt to loosen the waist line. The look can also be finished off with either heels or sneakers.

Everyone knows that BeyoncĂ© can look fabulous anytime, anywhere. But who knew that she would could rock the hippie look from the ‘60s with this maxi dress? The way this dress is styled hasn’t changed much from that of the past -- wear ‘em with sandals and flower crowns!

Here we see Alexa Chung looking super rad in a midi skirt. This skirt was so cute that it was still popular ‘til the '70s, and is being worn again now. These days, people pair it with almost anything such as gladiator sandals, a nice sleek pump, sneakers, or brogues, just like how Alexa’s wearing them in the illustration.

Anne Curtis and Bella Thorne show us how to look real good in these floppy hats. They were huge in the ‘70s and they’re huge again today. Nowadays, people like to use these head accessories to top off almost any outfit -- from summer playsuits to winter coats.

Looking great in this jumpsuit is the beloved Emma Watson. In the ‘80s, both men and women wore jumpsuits. Then, they were usually in bold colors, and sometimes even had shoulder pads. Since you know, it was the ‘80s. Now, however, most jumpsuits are more simple and elegant, and worn on all sorts of occasions. A lot of people like to pair them with heels for a more chic look, while others go for flat sandals to look more casual.

Kathryn Bernardo really knows how to look amazing in a crop top, which was a very popular piece in the ‘80s and ‘90s. Then, they liked to either wear them with baggy pants or mom jeans, and chunky rubber shoes. Today, you can see people wearing this with a skirt, skinny jeans, shorts, anything really. 

Wearing not just one but two '90s trends, Cara Delevingne slays in this look. Crop tops and overalls were all the rage back then and are totally back now, especially with the heat we’re experiencing in the country. A lot of people like to pair these two pieces together but you can also wear them with other things. Overalls look great with flouncy blouses, sweaters, or even just a plain white tee.

Distressed jeans were big in the '90s but they’ve come back and Sophia Andres is looking awesome in them. Back then, it was usually those who followed the grunge trend who wore 'em. Some people like to dress their jeans up with a trendy heel, while others like to kick it back with their rubber shoes.

Article by Meg
Art by Elle
Meg is a lover of black clothing, milk, and almost all genres of music (she’s not big on country). The only things she watches on TV are Game of Thrones, Korean channels, MTV, and FashionTV. Pastel hair colors and ear cuffs are a few of the things she wishes to have someday. She has a lost pet turtle named Picasso and a ukulele named Chikito.

Elle is a 17-year-old aspiring doctor who somehow found herself at art school. She loves rap music and bunnies. She still hasn't grown out of her otaku stage (which started all the way back in elementary school, thank you very much).


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