Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Lights Out

4:20 AM

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Blackout poetry from some of our new contributors that's guaranteed to draw out all your feels.

Distance, darling




There are pieces of me other people deserve more.


You know this is happening and you're letting go.

Poems 1 and 2 by Yeda 
Poems 3 and 4 by Mikee A.
Designed by Zoë
Zoë is a can-doer of all sorts. On some days, she enjoys illustrating the wonders her imagination can conceive. On others, she is exceedingly musically-inclined. You’ll often see her stopping in her tracks to take pictures, or on the train with earphones on, filling her phone with thoughts and ideas for her next piece of art. You can listen to the songs she's covered here.
Yeda is a 15-year-old with a very odd egg obsession. She's into making blackout poetry, collages, stickers, and even clay pins. She has no stable aesthetic or taste whatsoever and is very eager about what the world has yet to show her. Right now, her only friends are newspaper scraps, a Sharpie marker, and a cup of purple coffee.
Mikee loves theater and could talk about it for as long as the duration of the Les Miserables musical (maybe even longer). She can write poems and make collages but can't use a special pen for calligraphy to save her life. If she could live on ramen alone for the rest of her life, she would.


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