Saturday, November 7, 2015

No Bounds Couture: Alexie L.

5:56 PM

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Fashion knows no boundaries with The Thing's new style segment. 

Do you ever find yourself dressing completely different from everyone else? Or maybe thinking of dressing in the craziest outfits or texture combinations you’ve made up then backing out last minute because, oh my goodness, who would appreciate that?

Fret no longer, because style, fashion, and beauty all fall under the ever-subjective art, where there is no shame, wrong or right, and most importantly, no bounds.

The Thing Style Section presents the debut of No Bounds Couture, a monthly segment where we feature fashion sketches by anyone for everyone. We’re inviting artists, especially those who don’t consider themselves or their work to be typically “fashion,” to draw any outfit they want, whether it be wearable or not.

To kick things off, here’s this month’s entry: “Gore Fashion” by one of our resident artists, Alexie Laggui. In this set of illustrations, Alexie interprets the literal meaning of inner beauty by showing it off no skin attached. Puns aside, her use of the structures and details of human anatomy create a very cohesive and unique set of looks. The concept of prêt-à-porter are reimagined with muscles and bones (which everyone has) as the “material” of the looks.

Here is the essence of this set from Alexie herself:
“Fashion usually connotes ornamentation, trends, and clothing, which is usually only a show off on the outside of the human body, so why not create a fashion that shows off the inside too? This line of fashion is inspired by organs and flesh, because what's better in showing off the human body than the human body itself?”


If you’d like to submit your own No Bounds Couture art, shoot a submission with a three to five sentence description of your work to! The work can be done using any medium and does not necessarily have to be digitized. Check out our contact page for more guidelines before you submit!

Art by Alexie
Intro by Anto
Alexie is 18-year-old multimedia artist, self proclaimed dried mango enthusiast, and lover of all things raw in the grocery's wet products section. When she's not focused on appreciating things, she likes to draw and hold concerts when she's showering or alone in her room.
Anto is a fashion enthusiast, stage actress and a rookie ‘hallyu wave’ blogger. She attributes much of her sense of style to Korean and London street fashion. Expect more of her from The Thing and her blog,


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