Monday, December 7, 2015

Urban Shadow

9:03 PM

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A visual ode to the absence of light. Check out this month's fashion editorial!

A spectrum is born from the refraction light; black is born from its absence.

Dark, dangerous, bold, and powerfulit commands attention, even if pegged against all the colors known to man (and possibly those unknown). It compliments every color and suits nearly every mood imaginable. A timeless hue used in various art forms, it’s often used to evoke a sense of ambiguity and mystery.

But those are clich├ęs. There isn’t much else to say about black that hasn’t been said before. The main point is that no matter what the fickle fashion authorities say, it will and always will be omnipresent in our closets.

This time around, The Thing cloaked itself in silhouette fabrics and crept all around the cityscape like entities of the night. Needless to say, one would always feel bad ass in all black.

Styling and makeup by Anto and Nikki
Photos by PaCho
Special thanks to Homer for modeling
Shot around Bonifacio Global City
Anto is a fashion enthusiast, stage actress and a rookie ‘hallyu wave’ blogger. She attributes much of her sense of style to Korean and London street fashion. Expect more of her from The Thing and her blog,

Nikki is a girl that sometimes feels like a boy, and is also an all-around art enthusiast and a linguist that likes the mysterious sounds words make. She likes wearing round spectacles of any sort, playing with her makeup when she’s bored, and envisioning outfits for various kinds of occasions. She has a style diary here and maintains a twitter that experiences extreme lows and highs of activity. 

PaCho is the nickname of a full-time fangirl who wants an infinite amount of money with which to travel the world and buy merchandise. This girl is currently amassing the skills to achieve these goals, and collecting stories and perspectives along the way (to consequently be the best that no one ever was) at a university. She will smile in satisfaction at the fall of the patriarchy and Western domination of international affairs. She is only half-joking about this (which means that she's completely serious).


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