Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Childhood Fave: Yeda Porcalla

4:47 AM

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You'll cry tears of joy when you see who Yeda's fave character is.


Artist Yeda Porcalla heads our second to the last installment of The Childhood Fave with Usagi Tsukino, protagonist of the Sailor Moon manga series.
Here's what Yeda has to say about the one and only Sailor Moon:

"I had always enjoyed Usagi's quirky character and how she could be crying one minute and then transforming into this badass super babe hero the next. I used to watch the Filipino dub of Sailor Moon back when I was younger and complain about my school uniform, comparing it to the Sailor Scouts outfits (I still do, sometimes.) Usagi was my role model growing up because even if she had her own school and love life dilemmas and was crying and anxious 24/7, she still managed to save the world from evil and ugly space villains which is very #inspiring.

I drew Usagi with her Sailor Moon uniform and Luna on her head frowning upon her next impulse decision. I also drew tears because Usagi wouldn't be Usagi unless she's crying."

Art by Yeda
Yeda is a 15-year-old with a very odd egg obsession. She's into making blackout poetry, collages, stickers, and even clay pins. She has no stable aesthetic or taste whatsoever and is very eager about what the world has yet to show her. Right now, her only friends are newspaper scraps, a Sharpie marker, and a cup of purple coffee.


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