Saturday, April 9, 2016

Alone Time

7:59 AM

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This was originally supposed to be a playlist about being single.


In some way, this playlist is for the different possible stages of one’s thought process when they’re alone. From being sad that they’re drinking alone in their apartment, to feeling like they’ve lost their mind, to feeling like they’re the most extraordinary/flawless/wondrous person in the world; to reevaluating life choices and having that “I’m gonna turn my life around today” feeling— these songs are all in that alone time thought process with you.

Playlist by Mandy
Art by Ginny

Mandy Cruz is a 21-year-old Humanities student who loves looking at corgi butts more than she probably should. She also likes reading, musical theatre, and being your quintessential Tita of Manila, hija.

Ginny is a self-proclaimed aesthete majoring in Advertising Arts. Aside from art, she enjoys baking, playing video games, watching animations, and getting distracted by cats. While still uncertain as to what she exactly she wants to become, she has an unwavering ambition to pursue a career in the art world.