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Filipinas in History: Gabriela Silang

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Sorry, Lorde  Gabriela Silang was the OG pure heroine. 

Gabriela Silang’s image of wielding a bolo on horseback, leading troops into battle easily makes her the first of many Filipina heroines: brave, strong, and determined.

During the revolution, she acted as one of her husband Diego’s closest advisors and his aide-de-camp, assisting him with all his plans. After his death, she stepped up to take command of the rebel troops – a role nobody forced her to take, and one anybody else could have taken. But she decided to take charge and grab the reigns. These actions earned her the title of La Generala; and Joan of Arc of Ilocandia posthumously.

Being the first female revolutionary leader of a movement against the Spanish, Gabriela Silang has inspired women everywhere to step up and take charge. Her legacy is still seen today in the different buildings named after her, the organization and partylist GABRIELA, and even in a national decoration conferred to wives of heads of State/government.

Undoubtedly, Gabriela Silang is a Filipina that embodies what it means to be a heroine.


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Article by Rio
Art by Sean
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