Thursday, April 14, 2016

No Bounds Couture: Justine D.

8:05 AM

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This week's No Bounds takes on a trendier, more minimalist turn with the gaucho pants-polo combo.  

Adults always pick up a piece of clothing reminiscent to those of their time and say, "These are
going to come back in style!" They're half right, since style, a little like history, can actually repeat itself sometimes but always, they come back reinvented. Large cropped polos and gaucho pants or culottes remind me of the '70s, although the 21st century’s put a little minimalist twist to the famous large and flared look. - Justine Daquioag


If you’d like to submit your own No Bounds Couture art, shoot a submission with a three to five sentence description of your work to! The work can be done using any medium and does not necessarily have to be digitized. Check out our contact page for more guidelines before you submit.

Art by Justine
Justine is a small human who likes watermelons and is able to quote Spongebob on a daily basis. She draws and animates in her free time and is probably watching Agent Carter right now.


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