Saturday, May 7, 2016

Abandoned Home

12:40 AM

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Reflections on the empty spaces we are alone in.


Is there anything more isolating than a missed connection with people you interact with everyday? A photo diary from Denise about escape and the comforts of solitude.

I come here to escape from people.
But often more to just think.

I am not alone 
But I am lonely.

Empty places are not lonely all the time.

Empty places could be places for thinking, could be places for solitary exploration. Be it for fun or curiosity—these place could be anything you want them to be. 

 You have to spend time with yourself.

To learn the comforts of being alone.

And to be comfortable with yourself being alone.

Article and photos by Denise G. 
Denise Gutierrez is called “bridge”. She’s always in wrong and different kinds of places. Some say that’s cool, and some say she’s stuck in the corporate world but she always finds her ways to escape to be herself. She’s also a rebellious weirdo that likes to keep a low profile who is always up to something. Nothing stops her from her “ambitious and impossible” dreams.


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