Sunday, October 30, 2016

Under One Rainbow Flag

8:50 AM

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Wear your pride in all the ways you want.


Love is singular. Love can only be what it is, no matter how it manifests.

Whether it be between two of the same or two of each, love does not discriminate. It makes couples one in harmony, like yin and yang. Stonewall x Silang is a brand that advocates this very concept with statement shirts that blend with any style. 





For inquires and orders, visit their Facebook page here!

Article and Styling by Nikki
Photography by Nikki and Marco Del Valle
Thanks to Choco, Angela, Kenzo, Mike, Dora,  Pax, and Andrei for modeling
Nikki is a girl that sometimes feels like a boy, and is also an all-around art enthusiast and a linguist that likes the mysterious sounds words make. She likes wearing round spectacles of any sort, playing with her makeup when she’s bored, and envisioning outfits for various kinds of occasions. She has a style diary here and maintains a twitter that experiences extreme lows and highs of activity. 


  1. Thank you guys for featuring Stonewall X Silang! <3