Saturday, June 17, 2017

Travel Photo Journal

6:59 AM

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Wandering around the tangible, foraying into the analog.

Film photography is a practice that I never thought I would get into, but now that I have, it has taught me quite a lot—especially with the way I see the world. Taking advantage of the numerous changes in my life, which allowed me to travel often in the past few months, I practiced film photography by shooting some significant and mundane moments. From my first trip to the United States to my weekends at home in Manila, here are some of my first photographs.

A photo of NAIA's Airport Traffic Control tower, taken when I brought my sister to the airport for her flight to Japan.

A common jeepney passing under the Katipunan flyover.

Streetfood vendors selling to their loyal customers under the Katipunan flyover.

My sister and her friends, all new college freshmen, about to cross the road.

An orange sunset we sped by along C5.

Oakland’s famous cranes that we cruised by on our boat ride across the bay area. Apparently, these inspired the At-at's from Star Wars!

One of the many pride flags seen at the Mission and Castro district in San Francisco.

A plant store in the Mission, San Francisco.

One of LA's postcard-worthy sights.

A lake in Idaho.

One of the toy-like planes that take you across the lake in Idaho.

My grandfather peeling fruits in the morning.

Sunset in Spokane, Washington, with the moon above the tree.

Another sunset in Spokane.

The inside of Lawrence Ferlinghetti's City Lights Bookstore in San Francisco, CA, historical for bridging Beat Literature to the world. Surrounding it are different key places to the Beats, such as cafes and bars where they would meet and write.


Now that I’ve been into film photography for more than half a year, I’ve learned that there’s magic to every moment or thing, no matter how mundane. I feel like I somehow evolved, not just as a person, but into a world-watcher with my camera as a new extension of my being—with a responsibility of not letting any moment to fade into bygones.

Text and photos by Tamia

Tamia is a teenager from Manila who will most likely be 17 forever.