Sunday, June 29, 2014

Life's an Adventure

7:58 AM

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Life’s an adventure. These are songs for when everything feels like it’s about to change, the point in the journey where all you can see is the highway and headlights.

Playlist by Livi
Art by Jan
Livi has an uncanny talent of understanding everyone but herself. She’s not really sure what she is, but she thinks she’s pretty cool so I guess that’s fine. She’s really into TV, movies, chicken, skirts, nail polish and talking (usually about herself to herself). She’s loud and crazy but you wouldn’t really describe her as happy. If asked to describe herself in a word it would have to be either strange, weird or complicated; or some word for I have no effing clue. She has inside jokes with herself, stalks her own twitter, forever game to have a 5-hour phone call about life and gives pretty good hugs. And yes, she often refers to herself in the third person HINT HINT.

If asked, most people would probably say that Jan is a puppy in a human’s body, and she thinks that’s a pretty accurate description. Armed with genuine affection and super soft cuddles 24/7, she’s pretty much always ready to be the best pet, I mean friend that she can be for you! Some of her favorite things would include museums, her pet Chihuahua, videogames, and decreasing WorldSuck. Although she’s a very big fan of sitting around all day doing nothing, Jan always ends up being ready to head outside to go on any kind of adventure, as long as she’s got her friends by her side! 


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