Friday, July 4, 2014

Home and Away

8:18 AM

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That playlist about the wind sweeping you onto a road that goes on and on; the earth beneath your feet is strong, and the feel of it is the border beneath earth and sky. This is about how the journey will be long, how the burden you bear is heavy, and how (someday), you will let things go, until you are left with your spirit and all that you can't leave behind.

Playlist by Pacho
Artwork by Mich (photo by Margarita Mina)

PaCho is the nickname of a full-time fangirl who wants an infinite amount of money with which to travel the world and buy merchandise. This girl is currently amassing the skills to achieve these goals, and collecting stories and perspectives along the way (to consequently be the best that no one ever was) at a university. She will smile in satisfaction at the fall of the patriarchy and Western domination of international affairs. She is only half-joking about this (which means that she's completely serious).

Mich Cervantes is a 19-year-old Animation student (who doesn't actually want to animate anything). She draws a lot of comics. Her two favorite things are sleep and pizza.


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