Friday, August 1, 2014

Editor's Letter: AFTERMATH

6:00 AM

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Hey there, reader!

It's finally August! You know what that means? The Thing has officially survived to see the light of another theme, which means you're going to have to bear with more of our puns for the next two months!

As of this writing, we've reached over 18,000 views. I'm still trying to get over the fact that more than a thousand of you have even seen the content, so knowing that we've even got a following makes me so kilig. In the last two months, we've also received a bunch of pitches, submissions, and well-wishes from you girls (and guys). On behalf of the staff, I'd like to say thank you for that! Without your interest and participation in this 'ol thing (hehe), we'd probably have abandoned the whole project by now.

We've had a riveting two months of DEBUT, and as much as we'd like to dwell in beginnings, it's time to move on. The August-September theme is (fittingly) AFTERMATH, which is naturally supposed to cover everything that happens after. The idea for it was almost a given because we thought: Wait a minute, we've talked about all these significant experiences - of explosive firsts and grand debuts. But has anyone ever really elaborated on what happens after these big events? What happened after you won the top prize in your school's science quiz bee? What did you feel the night after your 18th birthday party? What did you do after the storm hit?

This time around, it's these stories that we want to shine the spotlight on.

In a country that's plagued by so many different kinds of natural disasters each year, it's no wonder that the word itself is usually associated with the negative: destruction, loss, catastrophe. By making it our theme, we want to be able to show that there are also good things that come in the aftermath of the storm - that it's just as easy to bounce back from the bad things.

Also: this month is buwan ng wika (month of language) in the Philippines, so expect a couple more articles on Philippine culture (in Filipino!).

It's going to be real exciting, so be sure to check back every weekend for new content!

In the eternal words of The Amanda Show: Stick around, and we'll be back in a second to do stuff! Wooo!!!

OOOO (awkward hugs),

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