Friday, August 1, 2014

Butterflies in My Stomach

3:44 AM

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It's 1996, he just walked you home from that amazing Smashing Pumpkins concert. You climbed from your mom’s garden shed to your room, instead of just entering through the door because you didn't want to wake your parents up and get into trouble. You wore your brother's Eraserheads t-shirt and your Levis 501's (you figured, he'd think you'd be a hip chick if you wore band merch). His breath smelled of Judge Spearmint chewing gum. He had the dreamiest eyes that looked at you like how Michelangelo’s David would look at you, and the haircut of pre-alcohol abuse-Nick Carter. You land on your bed and you ask yourself “Did John Hughes direct my life just for tonight?”

Playlist and Artwork by Marga

Along with her friends, Marga is always looking for that movie-worthy coming-of-age experience. Marga is a 16-year high school student who often spends her time watching teen movies, hugging her parents, painting, trading music, acting in school plays, hosting online radio broadcasts with her friend, and hanging out at Burger Bar- all the while she is recovering from her extreme emo-girl phase from 4 years ago. Lastly, she is really good in memorising twitter names, kbye. (You can listen to her playlists here:


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