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After Midnight: 10 Go-To Snacks for an All-Nighter

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Let’s face it – you’re here because you’re procrastinating (we’ve all been there), there’s probably some test that you have to study for (hello, Accounting!) and 958,743 projects to finish before the term ends. To solve this, you’re planning to pull off an all-nighter, but don’t have the energy to start.

Fear no further, for part of the solution is here! Jumpstart or take a break from your all-nighter and fuel up with these easy recipes made for the student with limited resources!


Almond Butter and Banana Open Faced Sandwich

The fancy alternative to your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Fuel up the good way with bananas as a great source of nutrients and almond butter is a great source of protein!

Time to Create: 5mins
Food Rating: 4/5
Substitute Ingredients: You can substitute the almond butter with peanut butter – or even Nutella! Add toppings according to your preference.

See full recipe here.

Breakfast Banana Pop

Cool off from your study time with a little bit of whole grain, potassium and other nutrients with this righteous Popsicle.

Time to Create: A few hours (note: make ahead of time)
Food Rating: 4/5
Substitute Ingredients: You can substitute the granola with cereal or crushed cookies.

See full recipe here.

Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup

      Satisfy your cookie craving.

Time to Create: 5 mins.
Food Rating: 4/5
Substitute Ingredients: Add any kind of chocolate candy you didn’t finish – M&M’s, Reese’s Pieces, etc. Even throw in some nuts if you want to.

See full recipe here.


Yogurt + granola + fruit = magic

Time to Create: 5 mins.
Food Rating: 4/5
Substitute Ingredients: Cereal can substitute granola, and you can add other toppings of your choice (instead of fruit). Use what you have!

French Toast in a Cup

Since it’s the early morning, you might as well have a little breakfast food to brighten your spirits! Bonus: the cinnamon wafting in the air is a great relaxing complement to your study time.

Time to Create: 5-10 mins.

 Food Rating: 4/5

See full recipe here


Impromptu Cheese Rolls

A quick way to enjoy homemade cheese rolls. Bonus: choose any cheese of your liking.

Time to Create: 10 mins.
Food Rating: 4/5

Coffee Cup Quiche

With all the good ingredients, it’s like a mini-meal in a cup! Guaranteed to make you feel satisfied and energized for the next few hours.

Time to Create: 10mins
Food Rating: 4/5

See full recipe here.

Mixed Greens


Mixed greens help boost brainpower and are a refreshing alternative to your usual bag of chips. Plus, you can help clean up the leftover veggies from dinner last night! If you’re not feeling creative, here’s a recipe you can try out:

Time to Create: 5 - 10 mins.
Food Rating: 4/5

See full recipe here

Open Faced Egg and Tomato Sandwich

Add a little more power to your power studying! Whole grains help you focus, eggs contain great protein, cheese has calcium, and tomatoes have anti-inflammatory properties, which help boost brainpower!

Time to Create: 10 mins.
Food Rating: 4/5
Substitute Ingredients:  White bread is great too, and you can add any toppings of you choice. The possibilities are endless!

See full recipe here.

Ram n’ Cheese

One beautiful thing made love to another beautiful thing. And so we are gathered here today to celebrate the union of this lovely couple, ramen and mac and cheese, who will not only make your stomach grateful with their binding union, but will make your future impromptu midnight snacks a little less miserable in the years to come.

Time to Create: 25 mins.
Food Rating: 5/5

See full recipe here.


Article by Mikee
Art by Shandra

Mikee - One-cup magical procrastination powers, quarter-cup of gibberish, and a generous amount of FEEELS that has been baking under the Philippine sun since 1995. Filmmaker, baker, lover of the light, and your go-to supplier for staple wires (next to National Bookstore).

Shandra is currently a Communication Arts student. She is interested in multiple art forms such as theater, film and photography. After college, she plans to enter the world of film and entertainment.


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