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The Calm After the Storm: 5 Ways to Cure a Hangover

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Fortunately, there is no secret family recipe that has been passed down from generation to generation to cure hangovers – so put down your raw eggs and kale and save it for another Pinterest board or workout smoothie. Or whatever. We have some other, more plausible solutions to this conundrum!

1.     Drink lots of water, sports drink optional

Since alcohol is a diuretic (something that makes you want to pee), going to the bathroom constantly will force you to lose bodily fluids, making you dehydrated. And since dehydration is one of the main symptoms of this notorious state, hydrating yourself the morning after with some good ol’ H2O will help relieve the pain. Drinking a sports drink can help (since you tend to lose electrolytes and vitamins from peeing constantly), but is not necessary (even though the body loses some electrolytes when drinking, it does not affect your hangover entirely and does not have to be treated right away).

2.     … And a splash of juice

Hangovers can make you feel tired and generally weak. This is caused by low sugar levels, which can be attributed to the fact that while you were drunk, your body’s supply of glycogen turned into glucose, which was released when you were peeing. Since most fruits have fructose, you can take juice or fruit to help replace the glucose lost, which will help your body process the alcohol in your blood.

3.     Or, you could drink coffee and an anti-inflammatory for quick relief

Professor Michael Oshinsky of Thomas Jefferson University had confirmed with his experiment that the quickest ways to relieve a hangover are through coffee and an asprin. Exposing his rats to ethanol (pure alcohol), he gave them headaches (which produces a chemical acetate, thus the tornado of a brain in the morning – small doses can affect humans). Then, he exposed his rats to caffeine and anti-inflammatories, which relieved them from their headache and stopped producing the acetate. Grab your cup of joe and go!

4.     Eat toast, crackers and/or other simple carbohydrates

Aside from fructose, simple carbohydrates/sugars (white bread, crackers, pasta, etc.) can help energize you for today and help your liver to metabolize the alcohol.

5.     …. With a side of bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs contain amino acids that may help relieve a hangover. Eggs in particular have the amino acid cysteine, which helps break down acetaldehyde, which does part of the job of the liver that tries to metabolize the alcohol. (Bonus for all the vegetarian and pescatarian homies out there: oats and yoghurt also contain cysteine!)

Do you down a wheatgrass shot like a boss? Or do you prefer something hardcore like more alcohol with a side of raw eggs? Comment below on your favorite hangover cures! Remember, sweet Things, prevention is the best cure.  Drink responsibly!

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  1. Sprite and potatoes are my go-to hangover cures!