Friday, October 31, 2014

Freaky Friday

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Admit it, the promise of free candy isn't the only thing that gets you excited for the spookiest holiday of the year (okay, maybe it's mostly the reason). But dreams of swimming in piles of sugary treats aside, it's usually the dressing up that we always look forward to. 

More often than not, the costumes we choose each year tell us a lot about the characters (or objects) we idolize or simply admire for looking cool - those we either want to be like or even be that week, month, year, or whatever.

So we asked, and you delivered! Here we give you a bunch of the photos you sent us from Halloweens past (and present).

"So this is me as a flower in my super cool jelly sandals."
Meg Guerrero

"I went as a Rak n Roll Skeleton last year."
Andrea Beldua

"Saw this pic of bitty me back then. See how I'm not even looking at the camera. See how I was wearing kigurumi before it was cool. *laughs nervously* Wouldn't catch me dead wearing one of those now, though."
Patricia Selina Hejastro

"The wilderness needed to be explored!!"
Katrina Pimentel

"I went as Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction last year!"
Chili Perez

"2010. My sister Roxanne, my mom, Marla, BFF Pita, and I dress up in various hand-sewn Lady Gaga costumes for Halloween."
Sary Valenzuela

My little sister and I dressed up as Batman and Robin! I was Batman.
Isa de Vera

"1) My brother was Zorro. 2) We don't know why he had an umbrella. 3) I currently own shoes that look just like the ones I'm wearing here."
Gaby Gloria

"私 は もののけ 姫 です"
Arianna Mercado

"mabel and dipper get lost in yet another mysterious part of gravity falls"
Mich Cervantes

"Those costumes you thought made you look like a badass...when you were 13."

"Here's a photo from my best effort Halloween costume 3 years ago"
 Lady Gaga from "Telephone"
Vicky Marquez

"I'd never gone as a princess for Halloween but the opportunity had finally come when I visited Seoul! Here's me decked out in a traditional Korean princess costume. Elegance has never felt so silky."
Anto Joson

"I relate so strongly to Coraline’s character, that I figured Halloween to be the perfect opportunity to pay homage to both the film and the book (without looking like a lunatic in the process)."
Iana Griner

1. Hogwarts student 2. a witch from coven (HAHA) ((typical)) 3. Coca-Cola


Image used in collage can be found here.
All photos courtesy of the people listed


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