Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Hair Chronicles

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We've all seen it before. Whether it's a sibling, a distraught model on America's Next Top Model, or maybe even yourself - tears have been shed over locks of hair hitting the floor with a silent, but deadly snip from a pair of scissors at the salon. "Why are you crying? It's just hair! It'll grow back!" many say, but it's tough to adjust to a look that isn't all that you hoped it would be.

At the end of the day, your hair doesn't define you, so shrug it off and get excited about choosing your next look! After all, there's something really liberating about changing up hairstyles, taking a few risks, and playing around with your look and self-expression. Check out Mich's hair evolution which leads up to the totally rad style she has right now.


This is a more or less comprehensive illustration of the important hairstyles I have had in the last seven years of my totally cool life.

2006 - I was super dumb and emo and I had really bad long hair that made me look like a sad witch.

2007 - I got it cut shorter, but I still looked like a dweeb.

2008 - Oh hey, it got even shorter! It looked a lot better than the previous years because I tried out BANGS for the first time.

early 2011 - I brought a picture of Amelie to the salon, but to get Amelie hair, I had to curl my hair first or something, and I was told that it wouldn’t really last. So i had this he-man thing going on.

late 2011 - I bloomed into a fine young lady with pretty (but gross) shoulder-length hair.

2012 - I got this haircut late 2011, but this is the style I had my hair in for most of 2012 basically. It was fresh, cute and super nice-looking. I was really happy with this haircut, it was a huge change from my previous hairstyle, but it was a really good change so I was super relieved about that.

2013 - The coolest hairstyle ever, basically.

The tale of the hairs on my head is probably the simplest confidence-related success story ever told. The acquisition and development of confidence is of course a thing that differs from person to person, but there is one method that will work for you no matter what: slowly and steadily taking consistent baby steps towards change in the littlest and most subtle ways possible. In my case, I chose to do this with my hair.

Self-expression is endless in medium, but if you want to really be straight-to-the-point about yourself to someone, do something with your hair, accessorize, wear clothes you like - doing little things like these help you become, well, more you!

It's the small, personal expressions of individuality that really count towards a bigger, better, more empowered you. Don't ever be afraid to do something new with how you look.

Take risks; don't always play it safe. There will be people who will like how you look and people who won't. As long as you like who you are, none of that matters! Variety is the spice of life, and what better way to start showing it than with whats already on your head?

EDITOR'S NOTE: This article originally appeared on Mich's blog,

Article and Art by Mich

Mich is a 19-year-old Animation student (who doesn't actually want to animate anything). She draws a lot of comics. Her two favorite things are sleep and pizza.


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