Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blasting off to Planet Terror II: Jam Pascual

2:27 AM

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Gear up to get your geek on at Planet Terror: The Polaris Project’s crossover event with Ikarus and DITO: Bahay Ng Sining. The humble café and art space transforms itself into, as the event name Bahay ng Lagim suggests, a place of desolation especially for the three-day event, which covers local scenes such as music, poetry, and visual art.

Yet the atmosphere and aura of fear and dread dampens not the live spirit of youthful culture. Amidst spooks and spells, The Polaris Project spellbinds local art enthusiasts with their concoction of live lineups.

Here, The Thing chats up Jam Pascual—a guy who writes, recites, and sometimes sings (or screams) poetry!

How did you contribute to Planet Terror?
Two ways. One: I'm one of the performers. I'm scheduled to do spoken word for the event. Two: I'm the Managing Editor for External Affairs of Heights, and I'm the one in the Editorial Board who is approached when someone's interested in collaborating with us or getting us as a sponsor. We help promote Planet Terror on our social media pages, we get the chance to distribute folios at the event, and we send a performer. We help each other out, basically.

What are your experiences with terror/horror?
Very little. I don't like horror movies and I can't honestly say that I've seen anything paranormal or spectral. But I know how scary a late period is, and how I'm totally not ready to be a father, so yeah. That's pretty scary.

How did you get into this project? How does it feel?
Olivia Solomon, one of the members of The Polaris Project, sent me an email about it, asking if Heights wanted to get involved, and I said yes. It feels great, knowing there's a collective out there who cares about art and culture. And it's especially satisfying to know that Polaris cares about multimedia type stuff.

How great is it, being able to mash up all these different forms of art for Planet Terror?
It feels awesome. You have bands, spoken word poets, and filmmakers scheduled to show their stuff at Planet Terror. With that kind of setup, as diverse as it is, you can't be feel that anybody who comes to Planet Terror is bound to find something they like.

From your perspective and from what you know, what should people expect from Planet Terror?
A feast for the sense. I'm confident that Planet Terror is going to leave a lot of people fulfilled, if not everyone.

How do you think people will react and feel after experiencing Planet Terror?
I think people will be talking about Planet Terror for weeks. A gig this big is bound to make an impact. Lives will be changed.

Check back tomorrow for our interview with musician, Josh Buizon!

Blast off to Planet Terror with us this Friday, November 7, at DITO: Bahay ng Sining! Tickets are at P250 and get you a bottle of beer - if you win best costume, you get a million bottles of beer, if you so choose. 

Contact Kristina at 09155479699 for reservations. Tickets are limited.

Article by Belle Mapa

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