Thursday, November 6, 2014

Blasting off to Planet Terror III: Josh Buizon

6:36 PM

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Less than 10 hours 'til Planet Terror! Brought to you by The Polaris Project, the group aims to bring an accessible way of art appreciation to the youth. With Halloween season coming to a close, Planet Terror caps it off with a night you’ll never forget!

For the last of The Thing’s interviews, meet Josh Buizon — the guy with the golden voice that’ll surely be stuck in your head for the next couple of weeks.

1. How will you contribute to Planet Terror?
I'm singing an acoustic set!

2. What are your experiences with terror/horror?
I never really liked watching horror movies because as a kid I wouldn't be able to sleep after watching one! I've never experienced something "supernatural" so, I think the most terror I have felt in my whole life was when an ipis crawled on my arm while I was sleeping and I jumped out of bed and hit my head! I died.

3. How did you get into this project? How does it feel?
I got a text from a friend that told me that her friend was gonna ask me to play. It feels good being able to share my music with other people and hopefully people like!

4. How great is it, being able to mash up all these different forms of art for Planet Terror?
It's a great concept, I think. Cause that way it caters to more people with different interests. So, more people come!

5. From your perspective and from what you know, what should people expect from Planet Terror?
Other than all the different art, I actually don't know. I'm not sure myself. Exciting.

6. How do you think people will react and feel after experiencing Planet Terror?
Not sure! But I hope they enjoy!

Blast off to Planet Terror with us tonight, at DITO: Bahay ng Sining! Tickets are at P250 and get you a bottle of beer - if you win best costume, you get a million bottles of beer, if you so choose. 

Contact Kristina at 09155479699 for reservations. Tickets are limited.

Article by Katrina
Special thanks to Garie for setting up the interview. 

Katrina Pimintel's biggest life goals include becoming a mermaid, and finding out how many cupcakes she can eat without gaining weight. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram at @kkotrono


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