Monday, December 15, 2014

DIY Snowflake Lights

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“I’m dreaming of a white Christmas!” 

Whenever somebody thinks about Christmas, one of the first things that come to mind is snow. However, with the Philippines being a tropical country, the chances of actually seeing snow here are one in a million.

So what to do if you're yearning for a Winter Wonderland Christmas this year? Simple! If you can’t bring yourself to have a White Christmas, then bring the White Christmas to you… right into the comfort of your own home!

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to decorate your room or your Christmas tree with tons of snowflakes. The best part? You don't need snow for this DIY project!

Things you will need:
-Christmas lights (preferably blue or white)
-Bond paper
-Glitter powder
-Glue stick


Step 1: Fold a piece of paper into three (3) columns.

Step 2: Cut the paper following the lines shown in the image below. After cutting it into three (3) columns, cut each column to make several squares.

Step 3: Fold the square in half.

Step 4: Fold the resulting triangle in half.

Step 5: Then, fold the next resulting triangle in half as well.

Step 6: Unfold the last fold you made and then fold the paper following the lines as shown below.

Step 7: Cut off the extra edges following the line, as shown below. It should look like a slim triangle.

Step 8: Cut the following line to make a snowflake pattern. You can cut anywhere you want to create a unique pattern. The image below shows a few suggestions.

Step 9: Unfold the paper and you will have a paper snowflake that will look something like this.

Step 10: Apply glue all over the paper snowflake.

Step 11: Sprinkle the glitter powder on the paper.

Step 12: Fold the paper snowflake into half and make a small slit in the center.

Step 13: Repeat steps 3-12 on the remaining squares. You can make as many as you want. 

Step 14: Pull the Christmas light through the paper snowflake through the hole you made in the center.

Voila! Once you are done, simply drape the snowflake lights over your bed, on a door, or on your Christmas tree and just watch the Christmas magic happen. Don’t forget to turn off the lights for a trule winter wonderland experience!

Have fun and enjoy your night!

The Thing is partnering with the folks at IndiMe for a couple of DIY projects. Watch out for the next one in January!

Article and GIFs by You Jung 
You Jung, a.k.a Kate, cannot be described without art and music. She is creative in crazy way and likes to invent and make new things. Food is her second description; she likes cooking, baking and eating. She spends time doing girly hobbies. She is also the creative manager of IndiMe.


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