Monday, December 15, 2014

Girls Who Run with the Wolves Aren't Here for Boys to Love

4:15 AM

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A shout-out to all the female homies of Una's music library. 


The title and playlist were inspired by a poem about a girl finding herself. I decided then and there once I had picked it as a theme that the artists of the playlist would consist of only female musicians. I personally listen to more male vocals because of bands but I thought it would be a good shout-out to the female homies of my music library and follow the theme of the poem. 

“Girls who run with the wolves
aren’t here for boys to love

the moon sings every night,
pulls the ocean’s tides to shore
your heart belongs to every star
screams dance upon your lips

a princess should be build of
stars and suns and forever’s
your mother told you fairytales
but she didn’t tell you this:

when the sun sets and the wolves run
you will find that sometimes
the princess and the witch are one
and red riding hood will eat the wolf

there is fire in your blood
a forest building in your veins
don’t try to lose the moonlight
you are meant for this

between dawn and dusk
you were made of miracles
and you can run all you want
but in the light of the moon
the wolves will always call you back"


I happened to come across this poem from Tumblr some time ago and fell in love with it. I’m fond of it because it depicts a girl who can be very strong and very vulnerable. A girl who may have figured out her calling in life. I think it’s realistic and relatable and breaks down the struggle of young people.

That’s what’s so difficult about being a young woman - we’re scared because were told to do and think a certain way sometimes, as well as pressured to follow the social norm of things. We can be whoever we want, really. It may scare boys away but hey, they're called boys and not men for a reason, right?

The main purpose of your existence isn’t a boy’s affection; it’s to find whatever you love to do, whatever you’re passionate about and do it.

P.S. If anyone knows who wrote the poem, let me know!

Una was born in 1995, and is currently residing in the midnight hours of books, music, and movies. She has messy, multicolored hair, and is a cat lady by heart.