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For The Record: We're in Love With Satchmi

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Nostalgia. It’s something we all experience. From yearning for the years of our lives gone by to the belief that we would have fit perfectly in some other place at some other point of history, our longing for the past is a very apparent part of our present. Our generation seems to be a very nostalgic one, from our fashion to our interests. Throwbacks, crop tops, polaroids and typewriters are just a few examples. There’s just something romantic about old things, a certain type of beauty that only comes with something out of its time or place. It’s interesting to see how even if their time is over, they’re still around.

When I conversed with Ms. Aislinn Chuahiock, one of Satchmi’s founders, last December 3, she told me that Satchmi was, to a certain extent, built on nostalgia. A love for the old ways and an appreciation for the intimacy the technology provided. It was a leap of faith, an effort to bring something they loved here to the Philippines and hopefully share it with other people who did too.
Now Satchmi is growing to become so much more than that. They are building a community and promoting a lifestyle. No longer is it just about nostalgia, it’s about giving old things new beginnings. Their store has become a space where people with similar interests can come together and share in that. Their official launch, For the Record, was a beautiful foreshadowing of what’s to come.
The star struck me posing with the people behind Satchmi: Aislinn Chuahiock, Edric Chua and Ronald Sy
Entering the store alone made me feel like I got 10 extra culture points; not only were they selling vinyl (duh), their décor and the general ambience just felt so artsy and homey at the same time. Since Satchmi wanted more than just a store, they have a cafe that serves specialty coffee and listening rooms (inner squeal!!) that make leaving so much harder. Aside from their records and Motorino record players, they also carry many other things like Happy Socks, books, classic film cameras, and film. Their store celebrates things analog and handmade; basically anything that shows intimacy and dedication to their craft.

For the Record showed this love for art at their launch. Three artists, Pam Celeridad, Tish Valenzuela and Tin Tin Lontoc (Serious Studio) came to customize white Motorinos, turning something already awesome into a true work of art. One lucky person even got  to bring one home!! (major jelly)

Tin Tin Lontoc (Serious Studio)

Pam Celeridad
Tish Valenzuela
Their official launch showed off their beautiful store and all its potential. The evening started off with a few demonstrations, like Satchmi’s very own (affordable, portable, basically perfect) record player, the Motorino. David Ong also demonstrated some coffee art at Satchmi’s café.

Coffee art by David Ong

Naturally, music was a mainstay throughout the night. DJ Diego Mapa performed a set using, get this, just vinyl. Artists Birdforms, Reese and Vica performed amazing pieces as well. Sadly, I couldn't stick around for BP Valenzuela's performance, but based on previous performances, I'm sure it was nothing short of amazing.

DJ Diego Mapa
Reese and Vica
For the Record was an awesome night filled with music, coffee, interesting things and interesting people. It reminded me of the “hipster” label floating around these past few years. I know it has a certain pretentious and unreachable connotation to it, but Satchmi reminded me what it’s really about: It’s about finding your own thing, and not being limited by the fact that it’s not what’s popular or readily available. New may not always better (sorry Barney Stinson, it had to be said) or may not be what you’re looking for. You may be more into the intimacy, imperfection, and the effort of the old ways, and that’s okay! Thanks Satchmi, for the great night and for opportunity to try something else (maybe even something better).

You can check out Satchmi at the 4th floor of Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall or online through their website and Instagram.

Article by Livi
Pictures by Clive

Clive is Livi's dad, a hobby photographer who enjoys shooting with film more than digital.


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