Friday, May 8, 2015

Editor's Letter: REVIVALS

6:09 AM

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Shing Sha Ji, Thingamabobs! 

I'm feeling extra refreshed and ready to write this letter today because IT'S FREAKIN' SUMMER!

Isn't it just rejuvenating to wake up on your own time, and to realize that you have absolutely nothing on your day's agenda? That, my friends, is truly living. 

After a stressful 10 months of projects, homework, and tests, summer break is supposed to be a time of “re-s” after all. Rest, relaxation, rejuvenation—all of which are adjectives synonymous to the word “break” because dying students like ourselves want to use this time to reset and reboot, and maybe set our priorities a little straighter (#fixyolife). 

In case you haven't picked up on it yet, we'll be celebrating REVIVALS for the next two months! Most of you are still enjoying your summer break, while some of you have got a few more weeks to go 'til freedom, so we want to focus on the rebirth that comes with having to not think about school work for two (in some case, four!) whole months. 

Speaking of coming back, you might have noticed the lack of content on the site these past few weeks. Below is a video message for you guys that we would like to offer up as an explanation. 

In all seriousness though, The Thing went off the radar for a while from April to May in order to work on improving the site. On behalf of the team, I'm sorry for the lack of any formal announcement save for what we wrote in the Ed's letter of our Revivals Zine. We'll be sure to properly notify you all next time this happens (if it does happen at all). 

We had our break, and now it's about time for us to help you enjoy yours! As much as we want to be lazy bums, we all know it'll get boring at some point. To keep your brains from melting, we've planned out an entire two months of content that may or may not involve cryogenics and Marvel, ukay finds, and Toy Story 2. 

Basically: Be productive! Especially since less school-related deadlines = more opportunities to focus on the things you want to do (e.g. stalk Taylor Swift's tumblr, get Taylor Swift to notice you)(wait—that might just be me)

Do good and try not to die of heatstroke! Always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated. 

Happy summer! 
♥ Gaby

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