Friday, May 8, 2015

Stayin' Alive

6:23 AM

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It's summer for most people, but there are also some of you who are only now feeling the brunt of an academic calendar shift or having to go through things like summer review classes.

To you people, we'd like to say this: you may feel dead right now because of school, relationships, school, money, and school. But then there are big and little things and moments that make you feel alive, if only for a while, like warehouse sales, free food and checking things off a to-do list.

We asked some of our contributors to tell us what those things are for them, and they didn't hold back! Here are their answers, which range from watching Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me music video, to seeing how a cat reacts to erratic flailing...err...dancing.

Being with my friends after a long week of work and just enjoying seeing them smile. It's infectious. It's what starts the dancing, the laughing, the singing and when it all ends, it's a bright memory. - Tasha

Aesthetic-induced emotion and not in a shallow way but like, walking in school, but then stopping and realizing how beautiful the tree-lined pavement looks as I walk to my next class. - Sammi

Being able to laugh. And I mean, laugh about anything! Whether it's an inside joke or a really good Vine, solid laughter can really turn any situation around! - Katrina

Random moments of "sabawness" with my friends (especially after pulling an all-nighter), playing with my dogs (or pets in general), listening to the soundtrack/s of my favorite show/s, lying on my bed after a long day - Ika

Sudden downpours of rain on unbearably hot days- Nikki B.

Waking up, realizing that I am free (from classes) HAHAHA - Nicole   

Nothing beats waking up feeling refreshed because you had a great night's sleep - Nikki O

Finishing a really good book! New episodes of shows you watch faithfully every week. Watering my cactus. Finally clearing boss fights in games. New art supplies - Isa

Cathartic crying c/o formulaic Kdrama (Korean drama) watching. Best way to destress LOL - Chili

Knowing the bands you like are coming out with new stuff - Una

Lisa Frank stickers, Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me music video, playing with my dog - Gaby
Finally drawing something substantial after a loooong art block - Isabel

An update from a fanfic that's been on hiatus for six months. - PaCho

Feeling well put-together on a weekend because I finally have time to dress and doll up! Also: seeing an awesome AU (alternate universe) that you thought of (or at least found on Tumblr) finally turned into a fic! - Erika

Finding out I'm not the only in my fandom that ships a ship HAHA, dancing like a potato to good music and seeing how my cat reacts to my erratic flailing is a wonderful feeling - Mika

Dancing in my room!! LOL - Meg

Vanilla ice cream at midnight - Amber


Seeing fresh blood draw on Game of Thrones/having all of Oberyn Martell's scenes on repeat/AWAITING BIG BANG'S COMEBACK - Anto

Taking time to think about high competition and low unemployment rates in my field usually keeps me feeling motivated and alive - Tamika

What little things make you feel alive? Tell us in the comments section below!

Compiled by Gaby
Art by Andrea, Alexie, Bea, Ginny, Mika, Mich, and Tamika

Presumably human (although we have our doubts), Andrea is a Padawan of art, fashion and photography, a feminist, a non-conformist and a Pastafarian. And also seems to like speaking in third person.

Mika likes to draw blobs that slightly resemble cats. She's practicing a lot these days though, so don't worry! She currently has two of them (cats, not blobs) and they are quite the adorable handful.

Alexie is a multimedia student that lives in a fort of pillows surrounded by markers and human livers. Sometimes, she likes to draw portraits with poor traits, and other times, faces with feces. Unknown to most people, Alexie has developed the power of invisibility - but it only works when no one's looking.

Mich is a 19-year-old Animation student (who doesn't actually want to animate anything). She draws a lot of comics. Her two favorite things are sleep and pizza.

Tamika has been around some 18 years and now she's an art major. Loves salmon sushi and has a dog named Taco.

Ginny is a self-proclaimed aesthete majoring in Advertising Arts. Aside from art, she enjoys baking, playing video games, watching animations, and getting distracted by cats. While still uncertain as to what she exactly she wants to become, she has an unwavering ambition to pursue a career in the art world.


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