Friday, July 17, 2015

Editor's Letter: INTERMISSION

6:46 AM

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Hallo Thingamabobs!

Summer is over, and school's back in session for the lot of you. At this point, all the adrenaline left over from all the beach trips, t.v. series binge-watching sessions, and late-night snack runs must have since worn off, and you're probably back to your old ih8school, homeworksux attitude. Getting back into the daily grind of pop quizzes, seatworks, and papers can be tiring, so we're here to help make the next two months fun, if not at least bearable.

Our theme from July to August is 'intermission,' and we'll be tackling everything from gas station pit stops to the short pee breaks that they let you take while you're watching a theater show.

And while we're on the subject of breaks... Full disclosure: I ended up putting off writing this letter until this morning, because I am suffering from the brain-numbing effects of a five-month long summer. Yes, I am writing this editor's letter today, July 17, because there's nothing like an extended vacation to increase the frequency of brain farts and fluffy thoughts (though I have to admit that at one point, you start questioning your being and the existence of the entire universe).

Procrastination isn't a very good tactic, but I bet everyone's guilty of doing it*. The point is that while it's OK to put things off sometimes, it's also very unhealthy in the long run. Sometimes, you just need a little breather to get you back in the swing of things. That's what the next two months are going to be about. So go ahead and browse through the site while taking that much-needed study break – we guarantee that it'll be worth it.

OOOO∞ (awkward hugs as always),

*Unless you're Leslie Knope, then you keep doing you.

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