Friday, July 17, 2015

In Between Daydreams

7:23 AM

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Album interludes and intros often go unnoticed. They're the glue that hold together some of your favorite albums, but they're also usually just flat out skipped.

You may not pick it up right away, though. After all, an interlude is a piece of music inserted between sections of another composition that you normally don’t think about. I never paid much attention to them myself until Gossamer, Passion Pit's second album came out in my fourth year of high school.

I thought the track “Two Veils To Hide My Face” was part of one of the songs, but it was actually its own special little number. Though I wish that particular song was longer, I feel like the fact that it's short is what keeps you wanting more. 

After Gossamer, I started to pay more attention to new albums and revisited old ones. You might just find little gems in between your favorite songs if you take the time to stop and listen. 

This is a little playlist for the tiny songs that complete some really cool albums.

Playlist and art by Una

Una was born in 1995, and is currently residing in the midnight hours of books, music, and movies. She has messy, multicolored hair, and is a cat lady by heart.


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