Wednesday, August 19, 2015

For Homeless Bill Withers by the Subway Station

6:23 AM

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A short poem about the city that never sleeps -- minus the glitz and glam.

Poem by Jedd 
Art by Mika
Jedd is an aspiring accountant-writer-poet-thing who is still figuring out the world around him. You can often find him reading, learning to count in Tagalog without the cashiers laughing at him, and trying his best to not look for reasons to not save the world. Nahahanap ang mga tula at iba pang sulatin niya dito:

An avid dreamer, Mika is a fairly eccentric girl with a penchant for the poignant, who spends her days either contemplating the infinite wonders of the great beyond or what to eat for dinner. A professional shower-singer, she lives in the world of her headphones and watercolor, all while her heart does the foxtrot among the stars. If she were a fruit, she would most probably be a banana.


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