Sunday, September 6, 2015

Spam-tacular, Spam-tacular

8:26 AM

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Ysabel gives you a simple recipe to make a spam-tacular merienda that'll make slacking off worth it.  

What do you get when you put together two awesome, easy-to-make snacks from opposite ends of the globe? It turns out, a perfect mix of processed and sticky goodness all wrapped up in a sheet of seaweed.

Spam Musubi is an inexpensive and popular snack food in Hawaii. It is an extremely simple yet tasty creation consisting of spam, rice, and seaweed. The snack came to existence during World War II when Spam became staple food for many troops. Japanese locals created Spam Musubi as a result of the large military presence in Hawaii. It is based on the Japanese treat onigiri or omusubi, from which the name originates. Today, there are many variations of the spam, rice, and seaweed combination, but the traditional version will always hold a special place in our stomachs. Trial and basically no errors were made because it’s just that simple.


  • 1 can of Spam (save the empty Spam can)
  • Cooked Sushi Rice
  • Seaweed Wrapper
  • Salted Water
  • Teriyaki Sauce (optional)
1. Cut the Spam sideways and fry it until slightly crispy.

2. Fill the empty can with rice until it reaches about 1/4 of the can. Press the rice flat.

3. Add teriyaki sauce to your liking on top of the rice.

4. Add a slice of Spam onto the rice and optional sauce. (I promise it makes life easier.)

5. Lay a sheet of seaweed wrapper lengthwise and place the can upside-down onto the wrapper.

6. Wrap it up with the wrapper. Tap on some salted water on the edges of the wrapper so that it will stick.


Article by Ysabel
Art by Jao
Ysabel is a professional procrastinator and food connoisseur who is just trying not to trip over herself. She loves to jam to the same song and watch Buzzfeed videos for hours on end. Currently aiming to become the eighth Hokage.
Jao is a 16-year-old aesthetically driven visual artist, fashion student, & french fry enthusiast from Manila. He started his visual folio in summer 2015 known as "Cool Girl (The Label)" ~ironic~. In his time of idle, he enjoys listening to alternative/indie music often psychedelic or acoustic & binge watching tv series such as "Girls", "HIMYM" and the like. View his label at & his tweets @jaosanpedro.


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