Friday, October 30, 2015

Going Loco for Local Candy

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A list of local treats to fill your Halloween goody bags (and cravings).

Lately, artisanal sweets have become such a hit, with countless restaurants offering chocolate bars made from locally-sourced cacao beans, or hand-pulled taffy shaped into the most interesting sugar art. While this shift is definitely exciting because it shows us how food trends are evolving, nothing can ever compare to opening up a pack of your favorite childhood candy—no matter how sophisticated your palate has become.

Over time, some of these candies may have changed their packaging, their ingredients, or have completely disappeared from supermarket shelves – leaving you to settle for their copycats that never quite compare to the original thing.

Here’s a little list of the best local candies that have endured the test of time and are readily available in sari-sari stores near you. Because let’s face it, artisanal chocolate’s got nothing on Choc-Nut.

1. Potchi
Remember spending all your coins and buying heaps of these at your school canteen for recess? Potchi is the quintessential fat and gummy strawberry cream flavored candy. And plus: giving it away immediately made you the coolest kid in class!

2. Haw Haw Milk Candy 
Haw Haw Milk Candy, as the name suggests, tastes a lot like eating a spoonful of powdered milk. It’s definitely a refreshing change from all sugary sweet and fruity candy options out there.

3. Curly Tops 
Curly Tops may have lost their, well, curly tops, but amidst all the change happening in this day and age, it’s great to see that it has stuck to its signature retro box design. These coin-sized chocolate cups still have that creamy taste and melt-in-your-mouth consistency. It’s no surprise that anyone can finish up an entire box by themselves.

4. White Rabbit
White Rabbit is one of the candies that underwent several changes over the years due to reports of it containing harmful chemicals. To be clear, it was the Chinese version of the candy that was claimed to be poisonous and not the local White Rabbit Butter Toffee (you can rest easy now). This candy remains hugely popular among children and adults, especially now with local caf├ęs offering drinks that highlight its buttery caramel taste.

5. Choko Choko Chocolate Sticks
Just think of it: creamy, almost ganache-like melted milk chocolate that comes in a convenient little plastic stick. This chocolate’s also known for its versatility: Spread it on some bread for a much-needed snack, use it as icing on cupcakes and other pastries, or just eat it as it is.

6. Choc- Nut
Of course, this local candy list would not be complete without Choc-Nut. Not much needs to be said about this particular candy except that if you think Choc-Nut sucks, it’s probably because a) you’re allergic to peanuts, b) you need to reassess your life choices, or c) you’re lying. Kidding aside, Choc-Nut’s crumbly texture and nutty undertones have become so iconic that it’s even been used in drinks and other desserts.

Article and photos by Pauline
Pauline is a Communication Arts and Advertising student. She likes all things cute and pastel- colored, but has a weird habit of covering everything she owns with washi tape. When she's not drowning herself in a pool of existential crisis, she likes to spend her free time on the weird side of the internet and binge- watching anime.


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