Saturday, October 31, 2015

Now You See Me, Now You Don't

12:25 AM

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We spotted Clara Oswald and Ramona Flowers at The Loudmouth Collective's Hideaway: Transformations.

The scene: Doctor Who’s Clara Oswald exchanging clever quips with Jurassic World’s Owen Grady on stage as they introduce the night’s first performer, a guitar-carrying Ramona Flowers.

Pam Musni performing an original song.

Blue-haired Ramona plays a few soulful covers before ending with an original inspired by Karen O’s The Moon Song.

No, this isn’t the AU fanfic of your wildest dreams – all of this actually happened at Staple and Perk Bakery last October 24. The diverse array of fictional and non-fictional characters hung out at Hideaway: Transformations, the latest open mic gathering (and costume party) from rookie art and culture organization The Loudmouth Collective. Geekery was celebrated, and it was evident as we came across characters that ranged from Tinkerbell to Dr. Gregory House.

Justin Ayran serving up some spoken world realness.
Over coffee, pasta, and cake, guests got to listen to musical and spoken word performances by the likes of Pam Musni (who came as Ramona Flowers), Justin Ayran, Dan Tristan, Swingset, and John Ilagan. Those who signed up for the open-mic segment of the night also got to perform for a widely supportive audience who clapped and snapped all throughout.

For updates on future events or if you want to participate in their next open-mic, check out The Loudmouth Collective on Facebook!


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