Thursday, January 7, 2016

Time Warp!

12:31 AM

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You probably still know the lyrics to more than half of the songs on this list. 
Do you ever remember those Saturday mornings when you would grab a bowl of cereal (Koko Krunch, most of the time) and sit in front of the TV to wait for your favorite cartoon to come on?

Do you remember singing your heart out about how you wanted to be the very best that no one ever was? Do you remember how your older siblings would tell you to keep quiet when you’d sing along because it was getting annoying? Or better yet, do you remember when they’d actually sing along with you?

Let’s take it back to the good ol’ days when you imagined you were a teenage psychic, or when you were dancing in the park to a Hall and Oates hit, or when you were all in this together with your best buds. C’mon, you know you still memorize those steps.

Playlist by Meg
Art by Kristen
Meg is a lover of black clothing, milk, and almost all genres of music (she’s not big on country). The only things she watches on TV are Game of Thrones, Korean channels, MTV, and FashionTV. Pastel hair colors and ear cuffs are a few of the things she wishes to have someday. She has a lost pet turtle named Picasso and a ukulele named Chikito.

Kristen is an (1)8 year old Chinese food-lover and cat enthusiast who dreams of one day becoming an archaeologist. Kristen, unbeknownst to most, can play ode to joy in the recorder perfectly, is an honors student and a great singer. You should also know that the last sentence was a big fat joke.


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